No other political party has ever had its finances so forensically examined

From Malachi Malagrowther

The weekend saw the climax of a fortnight’s feeding frenzy by the unionist media amplified by the BBC.    The insinuations and smears from the SNP’s political opponents have largely gone unanswered and it seems to be forgotten that no one has been charged with any crime and no other political party has ever had its finances so forensically examined and everything blown out of proportion.

The two-year-old “explosive” video was no more than Nicola Sturgeon correctly advising members of the SNP’s National Executive Committee that loose talk costs donors in the run up to elections. Her statement was made three months after the SNP posted a surplus of assets over liabilities amounting to £1,362,337 as at 31 December 2020 and before any police investigation.    These audited accounts also detailed the Motor Home as a vehicle asset on page 20 and was available to journalists (if they bothered to look) and members at the SNP Annual Conference last October.

The accounts were also published on the Electoral Commission web site as they set the rules for all political parties and there is no obligation to ring fence or detail “restricted or unrestricted” donations in its accounts.   In any event, there is no “missing £600,000” as £253,335 was spent by end of 31 December 2021. See page 12 of the accounts referred to above.

The very successful 2021 Scottish elections (see appendix one) cost £1,647,041 but left a deficit of £751,572 for the year.  However, assets exceeded Liabilities by £610,765 including £144,975 in the Bank and with annual membership fees remaining over £2 million a year the party was very much a going concern in financial terms.

Johnston Carmichael Auditors

Contrary to news reports from the BBC and others that claimed Johnston Carmichael had resigned after/amid the over-the-top police raid of the Murrell’s home, their Transparency Report published in May 2022, some six months before they parted with the SNP, stated that they had already parted company with some clients where they felt they could not give the best service.  (page 5)

No organisation in the world would announce that they were parting with their auditors whilst in negotiations with potential replacement auditors.

All of this can be easily found by Unionist journalists and the BBC but it doesn’t suit their narrative.

SNP politicians cannot be expected to know all the fine details of party finances as they are busy running the country and representing their constituents.   Branches all over the country have reported increased membership since the leadership contest and I understand the figure is now around 80,000.

Try asking Scottish Labour or Tories what their membership figures are, or to explain where Labour got £1 million to fight the last Scottish Elections when their Head Office had a £5 million shortfall in 2021.

The Good Law Project has also reported that the Tories are still receiving Russian linked donations

over and above the donations from the beneficiaries of the dodgy Tory Covid PPE contracts.

Meanwhile, cleaners and security staff at the Conservative Party’s London headquarters have reportedly been laid off as the party seeks to bolster its election campaign funds.


10 thoughts on “No other political party has ever had its finances so forensically examined

  1. ++++++++Breaking News++++++++++

    Met Police (the ones not suspended) are now at 11 Downing Street and Tory HQ with blue tents and sniffer dogs (careful they dont “snort”) to hunt for the missing £40 billion+ Covid recovery moneys “conduited” to the Tory MP’s, the faithful and families..
    Lady Moaning Git-Fizzog is reportedly sailing to a non-extraditable safe haven.
    Richy Rich Greencard has been taken in for questioning as the filthy fuzz try to find the “inside man”.
    The Toady party treasurer has declared himself as autistic, depressive and suffering dementia-specifica.
    This “condition” is conditional and can last until all charges are dropped (Alan Bond/Ernest Saunders).
    Drossie O’Flip-Flop has shouted from the touchline—“He is innocent……… and I have a rope”.
    The Scorrish Mejah have been served with a D-notice.

    +++++++++Breaking News+++++++++++

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  2. It all sounds very reasonable when you set out the bare facts as we know them so far and I totally agree that the SNP finances are by far the most scrutinised ever. I have no beef whatsoever with the investigation and it should certainly sharpen up procedures in the future.

    I was listening to James O’Brien earlier though and was struck by how unhinged our politics can seem to outsiders. If you are still pro SNP you can come across as a slavish follower refusing to admit anything is wrong and trying to blame everyone else for your troubles

    The difficulty though is being up here knowing that just about everyone would like to see your party brought to its knees, Some Alba tweets have openly stated their desire to see Nicola humiliated in revenge for what happened to Alex Salmond, while others give advice on how the SNP should proceed to save itself. Trouble is though that they are a rival party and although we all want independence it seems likely that they either hope to win new supporters from the SNP ranks or that somehow the removal of the Nicola “cult” will somehow make room for a more coordinated effort under Alex

    It is also hard to explain coherently our suspicion of the MSM and the UK government. Any mention of the dirty tricks used by the British Govt in the past (divide and rule, smears etc) against other countries makes us seem like paranoid fantasists. Any concern raised about a hostile media can be twisted to seem like we are trying to avoid scrutiny despite the blatant examples of corruption or mismanagement in other parties being swept aside as irrelevant or not of interest. No doubt the hope is that this all drags on till the next election to inflict as much damage as possible and then it really won’t matter if the original accusations come to nothing

    It is exhausting, frustrating and sometimes even intolerable just as it was when the Salmond case dragged on. But hey, other countries suffered much worse in their attempts to gain independence and it is heartening to see many folk still offering support for the SNP and willing them to get through these difficult times

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    1. Well said, though ‘difficult times’ is an understatement, because the BritNat state propaganda and fabrication and hyper attention, reaction and action re SNP £’s is a hugely convenient distraction from Westminister Tory corruption, taking Russian money and god knows what else, and the UK/EngGov/cabals’ lurch to the extreme far right. The Brit state are going for max damage to the SNP, they really want rid of them. It’s not far off the US when they have demonised so many Latin America left wing social democratic governments, divided and conquered and then installed a party leader of their choice, in order to take their resources.

      The latest OTT Brit state attack on Scotlland, via the SNP was timed to coincide with the Trump stuff, even saw people equating SNP supporters with Trump followers. It’s all by design.

      The BritNatz state has too much to lose, Scotland’s vastly lucrative resources are only just being realised and tapped into (yes they will take our clean water), gold, precious metals and highly sought after minerals for batteries and tech etc. Scotland’s diverse geology is in the sights of the Brit/EngGov as there is a lot to extract, aside oil and gas. With a bit of searching you can find info on how companies and the UK/EngGov are planning to mine/blast Scotland to kingdom come for essential minerals etc.

      I am about to double my £’s membership to the SNP, they are THE only party that is actually working in the interests of Scotland and only just started to repair decades+ of English Rule meaning neglect and damage to Scotland’s people, and land and infrastructure.

      It’s going to get worse, people need to support the SNP, Scotland’s social democratic government, not perfect, but the alternative just does not bear thinking about, it’s already a terrifying thought that we are shackled to isolationist England, and Scotland has to save itself, England can stand on it’s own two feet. The rogue state image of Scotland, that the EngGov are attempting to portray, is actually the country next door, frighteningly.

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    2. “If you are still pro SNP you can come across as a slavish follower refusing to admit anything is wrong and trying to blame everyone else for your troubles”



  3. So gratifying to see the concern expressed by the media in Scotland for the subscriptions of SNP members and supporters.
    Will they be making a contribution to make up the alleged deficit?
    Didn’t think so.

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  4. This will be very enlightening to many many Scottish independence supporters including SNP members , i do not understand why all the SNP MPs and MSPs who must surely have access to this information , have not come forward to tell us , why does it take Malachi Malagrowther ( the name used as a pseudonym by the one and only great Walter Scott 200 years ago ) to tell us this information .
    Where are you SNP MPs and MSPs what the hell are you doing for the cause of Scottish independence what are you doing to counteract the lies cast upon as news by the unionist press and tv.

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  5. That sure is a lot of whataboutery, deflection and straight-up fabrication (8000 new members in a month, lol). The police are going to be really embarrassed when they realise they’ve gone to all this trouble over nothing.


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