UK security forces try to undermine movement dedicated to ending it? No! Surely not?

Sarge! This English guy says he’s MI5 and you’ve parked in his space!

An unnamed SNP MP has been described, in the Express, as suggesting that the above OTT investigation in the Murrel/Sturgeon home was orchestrated by MI5.

The Tory response:

Scottish Conservative chairman Craig Hoy MSP said: “We know Nationalists like to blame Westminster for everything but even by their standards this is a breath-taking and bonkers suggestion.

This extract from the transcript of a Scotland on Sunday piece in 2020, suggests otherwise:

THE SNP was spied on by British secret service agents, previously classified Government files seen by Scotland on Sunday have finally proved.

Claims of surveillance of nationalist politicians by intelligence officers have circulated for years, but the new papers provide the first incontrovertible evidence that the state spied on the SNP in the 1950s.

Agents from MI5 and Special Branch infiltrated the party as part of a campaign to undermine support for Scottish independence, the papers show.

The revelations have put First Minister Alex Salmond – who in opposition complained about closed Government files on the SNP – under pressure to close a legal loophole that allows the secret services to intercept the calls of Scottish parliamentarians.

When the files for more recent years are de-classified will we find that MI5 have stopped interfering in Scottish politics?

The Scotsman url at the bottom of the transcript no longer leads to the article but to Edinburgh Airport records busiest year yet from 2019


9 thoughts on “UK security forces try to undermine movement dedicated to ending it? No! Surely not?

  1. Westminster has always used whatever tactical methods get the job done there are no limits “weapons of mass destruction” the war against Iraq the war was televised at close quarters what more proof do we need .

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  2. You would have to be incredibly niave not to think that MI5 are all over every aspect of the SNP and the Party’s activities. Indeed, as a young schoolboy, my introduction to hearing about the SNP was the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1964. My father was a police sergeant in a rural Scottish area and I recall him telling us, around the family diner table, about the possible consequences of a nuclear war. Police forces, throughout Scotland, had been instructed to round up any known Communists and Scottish nationalists, on the first days of any conflict. I understood the connection with communist, Russia being the aggressor, but Scottish nationalist, of which there were very few, although many like Hugh MacDiarmid the poet were communist sympathisers, I never really got the connection.

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    1. Scott, thank you for this link , I remember this being on tv and in the news when it happened , there was something strange about it something that did not add up people talked about it at the time but yes , suicide was the odd conclusion because it was unimaginable that M15 or such like would actually kill one of its own citizens .I firmly believe there are Westminster spies all over Scotland why would there not be , they spy on people in countries thousands of miles away so it’s ludicrous to think they don’t do it here in Scotland , we are a risk to their main source of wealth , our resources, they will kill to keep it.

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  3. I meant to mention that it is Tartan week in NY and a photo of DRoss and cronies standing with a Union Flag why not the Saltire Flag are they ashamed of it supposed to be all about Scotland not the Union.

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  4. Wee advert for a joiner required by MI5, starting salary £37k, raised after a 3 year training period.

    Starting salary for a junior doctor, £37k.
    Can’t see many joiners leaving university with tuition fees to pay off.

    Better still in Scotland, tuition fees????

    The question would be ‘Why does a joiner need a 3 year further training period’, shades of Q.


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