Pete Wishart – An ‘Englishman’ in New York?

Pete Wishart MP (SNP) in New York (above and below) spending time with the Scottish Tories, there to celebrate Great Britain.

Does he seem a bit too settled and content in that company of Unionists?

I’ve been tolerating Wishart and his chumminess for some time and getting on with more important things but these images are bit nauseating and cause me to remember what I wrote in 2020 when he flirted with Rees-Mogg and revealed how well he has settled in by expressing interest in becoming the Speaker:

I wrote this last July. As Pete Wishart MP feuds with the wider Yes movement again, it might be of interest to any who didn’t see it then.

Yesterday, in the Constitutional Affairs committee, Wishart flirted with Rees-Mogg:

‘Could I obviously warmly welcome him to this place. He’s the fifth leader I’ve had, in my fourth year, but I would have to say that he is by far the most exotic.’

Note the sense of belonging comfortably in ‘this place’, in Wishart’s words. Rees-Mogg may seem exotic but we know he is really a cold reactionary politician who despises the left-of-centre democratic values of the SNP. He was rewarded by laughter and reciprocal warmth from the Tory front bench:

A delighted Rees-Mogg was then enabled to witter on about the parliament’s long history going back to 1265 and to refer to Wishart as ‘the honourable gentleman is a very good parliamentary historian.’ Wishart loved it:

Contrast this with Ian Blackford’s combative style in welcoming the Prime Minister as the ‘last prime minister of the United Kingdom’ before going on to warn him not to try to take Scotland out of the EU:

We’ve seen Blackford, many times before, earn the cold contemptuous death stare from former PM May. That is as it should be.

Has Wishart, charmed by Rees-Mogg’s humour, forgotten that he is dealing with a man who despises both Wishart and all of his people? See:

A cold reactionary lies behind the Jacob Rees-Mogg act

We did not send our MPs there, to flirt with the likes of Rees-Mogg.

There were earlier signs that Wishart likes playing the part of erudite and witty honourable gentleman a bit too much, in his earlier astonishing bid (aborted) to become the Speaker!

The BBC reported:

His announcement prompted criticism from some independence supporters online, who told Mr Wishart that SNP members should be at Westminster to “settle up, not settle down”.

But his party leader, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, defended the move, saying: “For as long as the SNP is in the House of Commons, we should be trying to make it work as well as we can, and undo some of the barriers that are in the way – we’ve seen all too powerfully in the Brexit debate how Scotland’s voice is not being heard.”


12 thoughts on “Pete Wishart – An ‘Englishman’ in New York?

  1. While I think it was a mistake on his part, he was clearly there as chair of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee, not because he is ‘chummy’ with the other members of the committee. The sign they were carrying clearly stated that.

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  2. Apparently Ross and Lamont were looking rather sheepish waving Union flags in a sea of Saltires, another James Stupidly initiative no doubt.

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  3. I have for some time been uncomfortable that the party I vote for has PW as my local MP /candidate. He appears on my doorstep every four years or so having dragged himself home from the bright lights of London.
    Sadly, if one backs a party the candidate is what comes with the territory.
    His shoes may be on in Perth but his baffies seem very at home in WM.


  4. And that’s the Dundee MP sitting by his side in Westminster also grinning ear to ear with Rees Mogg , I hope this troughs is binned by the Dundee people at the next general election he has done absolutely zero for Dundee and Scotland


  5. I have always thought that Mr Wishart putting himself forward to be Speaker had elements of a ‘wind up’ about it i.e get the Unionists frothing but also had a very serious point to make namely that: the SNP is the 3rd largest party in the House of Commons so had every right to put forward a candidate for Speaker. And why not? Scotland equal partners in the Union and all that so why barred from providing a Speaker from the main party in Scotland and 3rd largest in HoC.

    Seems that a lot of SNP supporters missed that just as they have missed the point that he is front and centre with Unionists today after they made a big thing of stopping foreign adventures by the SNP. And there he is which underscores the futility of what the UKGov are trying to do.

    Why go for the negative construction when there is a positive albeit subtle construction to be made.

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  6. Yes I have made this point before at our local Party meetings it seems that some do not see Independence as such an urgent matter as others including myself.

    Is that a Jackie Baillie look a like in the red tie and smart suit? Just asking.


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