The SNP ‘might’ ‘invite’ new auditors just as it has always done anyway?

The Herald today, deploying all the lack of accuracy and honesty it’s become known for, delivers a howler of a headline.

Even BBC Scotland has held back from such dishonesty:

The SNP’s ruling body has ordered a review of transparency and the way the party is managed after recent controversy over its finances.

That’s clear even to a wean/bairn.

The SNP itself is not even imposing auditors on itself.

All that has been proposed is:

Party leader Humza Yousaf said a new working group would publish an interim report in June.

It will be followed by a full report ahead of the SNP’s autumn conference.

Asked if the review would go far enough, Mr Yousaf told BBC Scotland: “It is important that the financial oversight that we are committed to improving comes from the external input as opposed to within the party.”

An internal review with input from some new hired accountants.

Where does the notion of an imposed audit come from? One man:

Prior to the NEC meeting, one committee member had suggested he might resign unless “forensic auditors” were appointed to examine the party’s finances. A forensic audit is used to uncover evidence that could be used in a court of law.

Bill Ramsay, the SNP trade union group convener, said: “I have been raising issues about the governance of the party for some time.”

He added: “If the call to appoint forensic auditors is not moved forward, I will have to seriously consider whether I can continue on the NEC.”

I haven’t audited their previous output forensically so I won’t claim that this is a new low from the Herald.


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