Saving Private Port Ryan?

Isn’t that Herald headline a bit odd? The Army running ferries?

BBC Scotland too, seem a bit hesitant to name the service.

Are they thinking of Saving Private Ryan where the landing craft is full of soldiers?

Is that the kind of vessel they imagine? One car at a time just dumped on the beach and left stuck?

The UK Defence Journal had an idea on, 1 April, I think:

It’s not a roll-on, roll-off ferry (RORO) though. You’re still in a wee landing craft or helicoptered onto the deck.

It might have been a joke. That date?

Does the MoD have a RORO? Even the massive Chines Army/Navy has to use a civilian ferries when it plans a big attack on Taiwan:

The Chinese military held a major exercise to prove how the People’s Liberation Army Navy could use large civilian ferries to launch a massive amphibious invasion of Taiwan.

I think the Chinese military exercises have finished. Has anyone thought of asking them for a loan of a ferry? Seriously.


CalMac has denied secretly working for the Chinese government’s Taiwan Development Group, while getting Covid assistance, like those Chinese restaurants Jackie Baillie exposed after her fearless covert dining missions. They insist that CalMac does not mean ‘Chinese assisted landing military and conquering’ but Scottish Labour have called for a forensic investigation in SNP links with China anyway.


One thought on “Saving Private Port Ryan?

  1. The real target, and it would be if these issues weren’t raised as on going attack lines on the SNP, is CMAL and CalMac. These stories actually protect the Ferry companies from the criticism they deserve or indeed the kind of scrutiny required to embarrass and expose incompetent management. The Crews are not to blame, they work with what they’re given, though some skippers seem reluctant to venture out on anything other than a mill pond the service condition of the fleet may well be the cause. It now emerges that CMAL might have been the major reason for the new ferry delays, though you would scarce be aware of the issue via the media. If the media had spent more time directing its bile on behalf of the islanders at the companies rather than the SNP things would undoubtedly be far better than they are.

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