It’s not anti-English to be more than sceptical about Rod Liddle – I’m just just biased against nasty people

Rod Liddle, above, in the Times on April 2, still trying to fool us with a very old photo and still revealing he remains the nasty gammon he has always been:

Nasty? Where to begin, or end for that matter.


Quite a striking similarity with Jeremy Clarkson? The face of gammon.

Humza useless? No health strikes at all, the best A&E, ambulance and cancer waiting times in the UK, the lowest Covid death rate, more nurses, doctors and health visitors…..


6 thoughts on “It’s not anti-English to be more than sceptical about Rod Liddle – I’m just just biased against nasty people

  1. Supporters of the present constitutional arrangements within the UK state usually hide behind the “anti English” trope to avoid having to address it’s fundamentally undemocratic nature as far as non English nations are concerned.
    That and their use of the word “separatism”,all designed to belittle self determination as a normal right for a nation.
    It doesn’t matter who is in charge of a Scotland not under England’s direct control,they will be attacked by their media in one way or another as a perceived means of suppressing separatism.
    Why are they so afraid of being left alone?

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    1. It’s getting more serious and very sinister. Read the description in the video here, about the English government instructing countries in how to deal with the SNP should they invade, (visit) and in particular pointing out it can be ‘very challenging’ dealing with them. Implications being what exactly. Jeez.


        1. If you click on ‘more’ theres’a description of J. Cleverly’s instructions to officials abroad about how to deal with the ‘challenging’ SNP. The word ‘challenging’ when talking about people, can mean difficult behaviour, unpredictable, potentially violent, possibly lacking in the ability to remain calm, and a potential threat. At least that’s how I understand it.

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