BBC Scotland and the Herald pasting England’s NHS ‘crisis’ onto Scotland

Above the header for BBC Scotland’s newspaper front page summary with, notably, none repeating the 34th edition of Reporting Scotland’s ‘Ferry Fiasco’ this morning.

Note the ‘NHS in crisis?’

It comes only from the wee story, top-right, in the Herald:

Look closer:

It’s a UK poll with apparently a ‘regional breakdown but no figures on that breakdown on the front page.

Two days earlier, the same writer in the Herald had:

Ambulance waiting times poll ‘not reflective of Scotland’

with still no breakdown of the data.

Wonder why?

I’ve had a look but can’t find the data tables – readers?


5 thoughts on “BBC Scotland and the Herald pasting England’s NHS ‘crisis’ onto Scotland

  1. Con text—A message from Craig Hoy to the Editor.

    Dear Kate,
    Do bring up “SnpBad”–but dont mention Dark Money, collapse of NHS England, Scottish energy booming, UK economy sinking, Ajax military vehicles, HS2, RN ships which cannot go to sea, Charlies Big Bash (with no Scottish street parties?), DRossie flip-flopping AGAIN, Covid fraud, and so on and so forth”.
    Love, Craig XXX

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  2. Breaking news from the Instantaneous Sky media.

    50 operations cancelled in Tayside.
    No numbers from englandland.

    Seems that the decontamination facility roof has a problem, help from neighbouring SNHS facilities ongoing.
    This seems to have happened on Monday so it has taken the media 3 days to find a SNHS bad story.

    Nothing about the big auditing companies being reduced to 3 plan abandoned, maybe they can’t agree who loses the top jobs.

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