How Old Labour and the SNP saved us from collapse

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It is the story of politicians ideologically hostile to regulation. In the 1980s, Margaret Thatcher’s government swept away virtually all building regulation, promising instead, in the words of her minister Michael Heseltine, “maximum self-regulation” and “minimum government interference”. In plain English, leave companies to manage their own affairs. Even this did not go far enough for David Cameron, who in 2012 made a New Year pledge to “kill off the health and safety culture for good”, launching a new swath of regulation cuts, including to fire safety inspections.

To be fair, thanks to Old Labour in Scotland and the SNP, in more recent times, this did not happen. As a consequence, no Grenfell-scale fires, far less flooding and far less deadly mould.

For a wee phase, of course, under New Labour, builders got to self-regulate, with for example, the resultant collapse of school walls devoid of cavity-ties.

As a lad, I spent four lost years in a architect’s office (70-74) and I remember the architects bemoaning the interference of those ‘bloody’ local authority building control officers. In retrospect, bless-em!


7 thoughts on “How Old Labour and the SNP saved us from collapse

  1. Self regulation is in reality no regulation , we see it with all the ombudsman offices too long drawn out methods of review that end with no or little change.The media regulator the power regulator the housing the bank on and on and on the list is endless useless self regulating that is in place to help businesses pretend they are not giving a very very poor service.
    It is just more corruption in a corrupt U.K.
    what else do you expect when the actual government of the U.K. is corrupt.

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  2. Although he mendaciously presented himself as “Old Labour”, Bodger Broon, he of the ‘light touch regulation’ was as keen on ‘a bonfire of the quangos’ and ‘slashing of red tape’ as the Tories.

    His arrogant and contemptuous behaviour in Lisbon at the signing of the Lisbon Treaty exemplified his anti-European jingoism: he turned up late after all the other European heads of government had signed the treaty and left. This is the man who shouted “British Jobs for British workers” and “Britain has no need to apologise for the slave trade and other imperial acts in history”.

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  3. The Tories consistently moan about and wish to get rid of “health and safety red tape”. They would like take us back to their much vaunted “Victorian values” – freeing up British business.

    Since 1974, when the Health and Safety at Work Act came into force, workplace deaths have been reduced from about 600 per annum to 123 in 2021/22. The pre-1974 figure did not include those in public service industries, now included after 1980, and which currently account for around a sixth of all those in paid work, so the death rate was greater. European Directives, agreed by U.K. governments and put into U.K. law, played their part in this reduction.

    Make no mistake, when the Tories want to discard 50 years of H&S legislation without replacing it, they are saying that they are comfortable with returning to these levels of workplace deaths.

    And if you want real Victorian values, workplace deaths in and around 1900 numbered more than 4,000 per annum. Now that’s what I call a Brexit bonus!


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