Are only ‘high-end’ and ‘state-of-the art’ camper vans worth seizing?

With no apparent sense of irony, the Herald, increasingly ‘low-end’ these days, joins the Daily Mail in the sheugh, in its ‘expose’ of Peter Murrel’s ‘state-of-the-art’ mobility home.

What does any of that mean anyway? Not modest enough for someone paid from member-fee income? Armoured? With a built-in safe to hide dosh and dodgy docs in?

When Clement Attlee had a caravan that could be towed around, no one suggested he was getting above himself or perhaps using it to tour high security sites on behalf of Stalin, even the Daily Mail.

Is anybody trying to visit the 92-year-old whose drive was raided in the early hours to see if she’s OK? Can they not get near for 14 polis vans?

Have the FBI checked out any of Trump’s family for suspicious winnebagos/winnebagoes?


18 thoughts on “Are only ‘high-end’ and ‘state-of-the art’ camper vans worth seizing?

  1. More recently than Clement Attlee, Margaret Becket had a caravan.

    “State-of-the-art’ is one of these meaningless words the media uses to imply there is more to something than there really is. Private schools are always ‘top’ or ‘leading’. Statements which present a different point of view are presented as ‘slamming’.

    Private Eye had a spoof columnist called “Philippa Space’, who paraded these vacuities.

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  2. How strange – the Guardian had the following article which earlier had over 800 comments, all now have disappeared. I guess some were possibly contempt of court issues? The ones I read certainly had speculation on the rights and wrongs of the police raids and many were generally supportive of the SNP regardless. If the investigation drags on we’ll all end up locked up – am I right in thinking prisoners have the right to vote in Scotland?

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    1. ‘If the investigation drags on’ – arguably, the word ‘If’ is out of place in this context!

      A couple of days ago the BBC News website reported that: ‘The police investigation into SNP finances has been going on behind the scenes since July 2021’, adding that the investigative ‘process began 20 months ago’ and that ‘it is likely to be many months before we know whether (this case) goes anywhere’. So TWENTY months and counting!


      Based on these BBC reports, it seems reasonable to wonder why does all this take so long? Why so long to get to the point of gathering up evidence in the ways we have seen over the past few days? Why so long to take these latter steps if so crucial to an investigation? I have no idea. It seems that journalists are not at all curious.

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      1. wheesht.
        We can’t talk about it.
        If it’s in the long grass for another 2 years, we still can’t talk about it.
        Wheesht. Calm down, dear. Eat your porridge. Better already, eh?


      2. There have been a series of investigations not the continuing investigation the media prefer to portray.
        IIRC this latest investigation was spurred by an official complaint from 8 (?) people, which compelled the Police to carry out a fresh investigation.

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    2. re- the Guardian article by Andrew Rawnsley, it’s notable how he chooses to emphasise the following:

      ‘What has been seen cannot be unseen. Some images are so potent that they become indelibly etched on to a nation’s retina. I think we can say that of the scenes in a comfortable suburb of Glasgow when police raided …’.

      He may be right: aided by this image, this may prove damaging regardless of legal outcome. And of course, this image that ‘cannot be unseen’, that is ‘indelibly etched’, is a direct result of a tactical (was it necessary?) decision by senior police officers.

      I also note that Rawnsley has joined opposition politicians in Holyrood, the UK PM, other mainstream media journalists and miscellaneous others on social media in gleefully quoting Ms Forbes on Mr Yousaf:

      ‘During the leadership contest, his principal rival, Kate Forbes, launched an excoriating attack on his record: “When you were transport minister, the trains were never on time. When you were justice minister, the police were strained to breaking point. And now as health minister, we’ve got record high waiting times.’

      How many times, including on transport, policing/crime and NHS waiting times, has the TuS blog striven to promote the importance of context and perspective, and to provide fully referenced evidence of BETTER performance by public services in Scotland than the equivalent (struggling) services in the other nations of the UK?

      Regrettably, Ms Forbes’ view is being amplified orders of magnitude more that the evidence-based, context- and perspective- rich TuS blog posts!

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      1. We’re told that the Lord Advocate, Scotland’s top Law Officer, nor the Solicitor General, both tasked with advising the Scottish government, will not be involved in the decision as to whether court action follows this investigation. I’m taking from this that neither were involved in the decision to up the anti on the investigation. We’re not told who exactly gave permission to/ ordered the police to proceed with the investigation, nor who will give permission for it to proceed to court.
        Doesn’t seem to be any curiosity about who this individual is.

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  3. Gripping indeed.

    You can watch loads of vids on youtube about people camper vanning, all sorts of people, all over the world, it’s trendy. Looks like Scotland will be invaded again in summer by the camper van folks south of the border heading to our beautiful Scottish countryside, seeing as the far right Tory cabal that has a massive GRIP on how they live their lives and where they can go for their holidays, as the alternative means sitting in the camper van for a long time in a queue at Dover.

    I wonder if the security services in disguise have bugged Murrell’s hoose…and now they can’t escape in the high end upmarket camper van that no one except the mega rich should be allowed to have, they are stuck, surprised they are not under house arrest in fact. It’s funny the Labour branch office are hoping to get a grip on the Tory voters in Scotland.

    Chip chip, BritNatz are hoping to find any chinks in thh armour of the pesky SNPs’ grip on the people of Scotland, as if we are all thick as two short planks lol!

    Sigh, what next!


  4. Of the many homes of Tory Blair,
    Alas, the colonial mejah, they dont care.
    The Yellow Pages froth and splutter,
    Torygraft et al, down in the gutter.
    BritNat “truthieness”, beware!


  5. I was amused to see this story surface laced with hyperbolic nonsense…
    Read beneath the lines and you find the camper was seized on the same day as the police search of the Murrell/Sturgeon home, so why did the media wait over a week before reporting this ?

    As with the “auditors quit amid” story earlier, the objective it is to keep the story alive even if breathing on fumes…

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