Have SNP’s ’embarrassed’ auditors dumped Trump yet?

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Before I start proper, the US police have a lot to learn from Police Scotland* – only two cars? What, Trump wasn’t taken down to the station at 7.30am?

Our lovely media have been making much of auditors, Johnston Carmichael, dumping the SNP ‘after’ their CEO was arrested and then subsequently not charged. They do have their standards to maintain or do they?

Johnston Carmichael represented Trump in the public inquiry into his development plans for the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire and signed off his apparent failure to make any profit and so not pay any tax, on his Turnberry golf resort in Ayrshire.

A Johnston Carmichael employee then is now Financial Controller for Trump International in Balmedie.

After his indictment (actually charged by a grand jury), is Trump still on the books? They have 16 000 clients.

I can find no definitive recent confirmation; just this:

Trump uses the less well-known firm of Johnston Carmichael LLP as auditors. While we have not come across them before, their website mentions 650 staff and “a team of sharp minds based in 13 locations across Scotland”. Their last group accounts show revenues of £49m, 56 partners and 721 staff.





* Who told PS to behave this way?


11 thoughts on “Have SNP’s ’embarrassed’ auditors dumped Trump yet?

    1. Gordon…but he did make the world feel more dangerous with his constant Twitter outbursts and threats of war, there was something odd about it , he talked war then visited the countries he had talked war about and was photographed shaking hands with their leaders ?

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    2. He had a huge hand in, in fact made sure the Afghanistan Taliban were in charge hence the situation when the US took their troops out. Trump is vile and dangerous. The insurrection, threats to witnesses during the hearings last year, and now there are terrible threats to the judge and others in NY law system, even their family members, Trump’s message to his followers is what emboldens them.


  1. Something stinks about the whole situation re SNP being under such massive legal scrutiny, isn’t it about some internal funds that have gone awry, (auditors should have made sure to advise accordingly to keep everything above board?) not tax evasion, not handing huge sums of public money to dodgy pals for stuff that does not exist or if it does, it’s useless stuff.
    The British state wants to take down the SNP, they will not stop at this type of witch hunt.

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