Talking-up Scotland’s leading academic accused of being outright propagandist

James Kelly (above), the independence movement’s best psephologist (bean counter) whom I’ve often praised, other than on his unwarranted gender reform anxieties, posted this yesterday:

By the way, our anonymous troll informed me that I “must” have seen this poll because Professor John Robertson’s blog (which I have not read for several years) had covered it earlier today.  Having now checked Robertson’s piece, this helpfully gives me the opportunity to point out that it is factually inaccurate.  Robertson claims that the SNP lead over Labour has “surged to 12%”.  As you can see for yourself from the numbers above, the SNP have remained eight points ahead of Labour on Westminster voting intentions and are twelve points clear on the Holyrood constituency ballot, but that lead is absolutely static from the twelve point lead in the previous poll.  The only ballot on which the SNP lead has increased is the Holyrood list ballot, but the new lead there is ten points, not twelve.  So whichever way you cut it, Robertson is wrong and there is no “surge to a 12% lead”.  I appreciate he’s an out-and-out propagandist, but propaganda tends to be more effective when it stays just about within the bounds of truthfulness.

I haven’t been so offended since another blogger said that, compared to the premier league Professor Sir John Curtice, I was like a third-team reserve at Elgin City! I should be so talented with the baw!

On referring to an increased SNP share over four polls by different pollsters as a ‘surge’ when one doesn’t do that kind of thing in civilised circles, I plead guilty. I also plead justified in using the very same methods as the MSM to balance their negativity with a bit of encouragement.

On the 12%, I plead not guilty, having used this Holyrood constituency vote table:


11 thoughts on “Talking-up Scotland’s leading academic accused of being outright propagandist

  1. He should be careful or he might end up with van loads of cops at his door trying to arrest him for practicing psephology!
    Only legal in Scotland when it shows SNP bad.

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  2. Well, it’s always good to read your ‘propaganda’ John 😀.

    As if the corporate media isn’t enough with their actual propaganda assault on the people of Scotland, we have supposed pro independence bloggers joining in even against decent independence bloggers.
    I take polls with a pinch of salt, so don’t take much notice, though I’d love to see pro independence numbers go up hugely, but I do see this blog and some others, as being genuine, and with wholly good intentions to further the cause for Scotland’s sovereignty to be retaken. Shame on those who attempt to divide, especially those who are apparently in favour of Scottish independence. Very sad.

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  3. What the heck is scotgoespop doing ? he,s popped alright , I read his blog regularly , there is no doubt about it he is a bit weird he shifts back and forward and all over the place with his support and often it’s support based on polls that have been discredited in the past as partisan Westminster junkies.
    Having a go at you calling you a propagandist is incredibly ignorant , we are surrounded by English propaganda here in Scotland , perhaps he hasn’t noticed.
    Maybe he should start firing and stop popping.


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