Will Alba benefit most from the SNP’s woes?

I’m not going to comment on any of the many issues that readers may have with Alba and the SNP or with any of the ‘colourful’ characters who may be enthusing or annoying them.

Let’s just stand back and consider what evidence this reasonably large but unavoidably selective and self-selecting sample of twitterati offers.

I’d say there are four obvious signals.

First, support for Alba here is considerably larger than it has been in opinions polls and elections recently – 3%?

Second, my previous poll had SNP support at 90% without an Alba option (twitter poll limitations) but with an Alba option, things change quite a bit.

Third, the Greens are not benefiting from the current situation.

Fourth, who are the Lib Dems?


5 thoughts on “Will Alba benefit most from the SNP’s woes?

  1. Alba should stand on the list. Alex Salmond could get back in. After the fiasco.

    Alba should not stand council elections, GE until there is a higher turnout. If it splits the Independence vote.

    A higher Independence supporters turnout is needed every election.


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