This heavy hand and the stench of London will strengthen the SNP

I don’t know how many police vehicles were in Fred West’s street but there were at least nine outside the home of the former First Minister and her husband the former CEO of the SNP today.

Did the British Army refuse to lend them a tank to park on the lawn?

Was there just no room for a tank because of the giant tent?

What was the big tent for? Did a disgruntled SNP member say that the outgoing CEO ‘knew where all the bodies are buried’ and PC Westminster didn’t realise that’s just a figure of speech?

It’s going to be interesting to watch the slow backdown as this case disappoints.

However, even if the case turns out to be more serious than I’m guessing, the OTT response today will not, as some hope, weaken the SNP.

Inevitably after all this time in government, with its mass membership, becoming the party of choice for graduates looking to get on in life and the inevitable jockeying, gossiping and hanky-panky you get with lots of humans working together, the SNP was starting to look a bit establishment.

This heavy-handed establishment reaction will sharpen the SNP’s radical image, anger the troops and toughen their loyalty.

As for the underlying lack of cash to mount campaigns, only the SNP has the troops on the street to campaign among the voters. The others struggle to have any visibility beyond the streets where Reporting Scotland arranges to meet them.

It’s onward and upward, nae bother.

What evidence do I have?

The last full poll by Redfield & Wilton has the SNP lead over Labour increased again to 10% and the most recent sub-poll by Deltapoll has the SNP on 51% with Labour at 20%.

Not enough yet but undermining any notion of a real Labour surge. We’ll see more full polls over the next few days.

My own twitterpoll today has obvious limits (below) but also suggests resilience and perhaps an angry response to today’s events?

I don’t know enough about the folk who follow TuS to make definitive comments but I suspect most are pro-independence.

Judging by comments, I feel sure that many are either discontented SNP supporters or have moved to Alba or the Greens but few seem prepared to vote for them.

2 570 votes, self-selecting I know, is interesting and might be suggestive of something.

I’m surprised by the 90% staying with the SNP and only the tiniest of support for the Greens.

Who are the 70 or so planning to vote Con and why do they follow me?


21 thoughts on “This heavy hand and the stench of London will strengthen the SNP

  1. MI9 (an upgrade) think “Peter” (obviously a dodgy name) knows where the bodies are buried.
    Drop a dime on Nikla and he will get a new ID and be resettled in Dunoon. Hometown of teenage Nat Brian Wislon, before he found Gawd (Blair) and Irish Republicanism.

    Interesting to hear Cap’n DRossie insist Humza helped out the polis with their investigation.
    Guilty, M’lud–by association, religion and ethnicity.

    Yup, Brit Nat Blighty–stick ‘um on a barge and sail ’em orfff!
    “Demmed Johnny Foreigner Sweaties”


  2. My suspicion is that looking at the SNP vote as a measure of support for independence is becoming a bit misleading as support for independence is becoming increasingly free of party voting.
    As an example how many labour voters – because they don’t want to vote for the SNP – might still vote Yes? Similarly lib Dems voters and even the occasional Tory?
    This it’s always worth when/if the SNP vote declines (which I suspect it will after today’s events and reportage) to see what had happened to support for independence.
    For instance support for the SNP has fallen since Humza was elected – 39, 38 and 37 – but support for independence is a little more solid than at the end of last year – 45, 45 and 46. So SNP support as a measure of indy support is a little misleading.
    I wonder if the SNP fail to handle their current difficulties well, if this might become more true

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    1. But we still need a vehicle to get to a referendum.
      A relaunched and cleansed SNP.
      Or a whole new party.
      Indy delayed for a decade, probably.

      Though with an increasingly detached from reality Sunak, and the drab, wooden Starmer—– who knows?


      1. Yes we need a vehicle. But the problem with a party is that it has a leader and for the media, a target. That sticks out in the experience of Alex and Nicola and as Humza is finding out. Besides how necessary is a single party. I’ll give you it’s an advantage at elections as a single indy party (ok there’s the greens and alba, but they’re of very small scale). But the SNP demand party discipline. They’re famous for it. But does this really suit an independence movement with ambitions to attract right across the community. Is disagreement not normal? Should there be no debate,behich itself is predicated on a divergence of views. Political parties find this difficult – chaos, questions etc.
        But yes there needs to be a party, or parties, but my preference would be for their power to come from the independence movement, rather than controlling it. While Yes Scotland was set up by the SNP, for me one of the best moments of 2014 was when Blair Jenkins was asked if he could control the local Yes groups, but not only that, he was pleased that they could do their own thing. We need to get back to that.


    2. Comment elsewhere yesterday I think, which caught my attention, identified the Yes vote, defined by the standard question ‘ if there was a referendum tomorrow, how would you vote? Yes or No’ these Yes voters are voting without a plan in place, no assurances on what currency we’ll use, or indeed assurances on anything. These are hard line Yes voters and that 45% plus is what terrifies the union.

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      1. But you see many of these are questions that can only be answered definitively at the time. For instance if we carry on with sterling for the first few months (please God not years), when would we transition to our own currency? When the world economy is on its knees? That would be clever. Other questions are matters for an indefinite Scottish electorate. They know all of this. It’s why they keep asking the questions.


        1. The point, which I doubt the unionists miss, is that there is a hardcore yes vote which has grown from 28% pre 2014 to 45% who couldn’t give a monkey’s about currency or anything else.


  3. Nothing happening about this.

    Talking of Tories lying and stealing, don’t think we’ve forgotten🤔

    April 27th will be one year since the
    raided Mone’s offices & homes

    No arrests as yet?
    We want to believe in you National Crime Agency, so is political interference at play?


  4. The Police are doing their job, what the media are trying to do is another matter entirely.
    As soon as PQ knew an arrest had been made it was in prime slot on both BBC/Scotland&Politics webpages as well as the BBC/UK webpage within minutes – If anything examples the increasing desperation of the London media mafia to destroy Indy aspirations this is it – They even had to explain who the arrested individual was in pictures as the vast majority had no idea who it was or why it was the lead story for the entire UK 🤣

    Yet Scots have been here before multiple times, from HMS James Cook’s Brymer story to QEUH’s infamous incontinent pigeon child assassins under HMS Sarah Smith, the old “there’s no smoke without fire” routine.
    And yet Indy support keeps rising…..

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      1. We’ve been through all of this with AS, at one point 300 officers were involved. The result was yrs of agro and Scots bombarded with SNP bad.


  5. The SNP used funds for Independence. Wow

    A fundraiser could be initiated to raise more.

    The Westminster anti Independence lobby.


    1. The culprit The Squatters Hub(Scottish Office) A place that has NO reason to exist NONE!! Built to cause havoc !!!, with no permission from Scots ,built with money from offshore !, Dubious dealings for both Alex and Nicola, secretly devised by English Nationalists to deviate from truth.!! ,They secretly spent at least £150.000 on what??should be checked out by the Scottish Government. Built to circumvent the Scottish Parliament, and make further payments to corrupt English Nationalist running councils, let us NOT forget this lot still demand more pay outs but still owe massive amounts for P.F.I. Viceroy Alister Jack running that show!! and section 35,s!


  6. When it comes right down to it the police are indeed doing their jobs.
    But the question is who for.
    When push comes to shove will they side with the people or with the westminster Raj.
    Who will they support and take instruction from, the Scottish Government. or the Scottish (colonial) Office.
    Because the heavy handed tactics used lately smacks of colonial clout.
    I have no doubt that the mass of police Scotland officers do their jobs well in Scotland for the people of Scotland.
    But are their managers already collating and creating Incident reports for officers to submit a la Hillsborough and the 96. In support of the establishment.
    From the heavy handed tactics used lately it would not be difficult to believe this.

    I know that these investigations are into different things and bear no relation to each other.

    Only the police tactics employed show a similarity (over the top), and it was subsequently shown in court that.
    The police tactics were designed to illicit their preferred media response and all the negative publicity that followed.
    Not only that but a substantial settlement in favour of the individual against the police and BBC was the result, and exoneration of the individual previously targeted in this way.
    Does the words ‘police’ ‘BBC’ ‘helicopter’ and ‘Cliff Richard’ evoke memories of harassment for anyone.
    Remember also all of that was funded out of our taxes, the investigation and settlements and the waste of police, courts time we all paid for.
    Bringing forward and progressing charges and court proceedings which were ultimately without merit.
    This has happened here recently with the Alex Salmond case and the subsequent enquiry dragging in the First Minister.
    Which allowed Union politicians to scream ‘off with her head’, ‘off with her head’ even though the First Minister was vindicated.
    (That was like watching a rerun of McCarthy. with a certain unionist politician in the lead role)
    Last thing
    When they are throwing masses of paint at the wall we need to examine closely what is happening at the desk in the corner.
    For example something that went largely unreported in the last 48 hours was Gerry Adams, ex-president Clinton, and a serving American politician issuing a joint statement that a ‘return to direct Westminster rule in Northern Ireland would be unacceptable’ and the GFA all Ireland protocols and systems should be enacted.
    A very profound and serious point in time drowned out by BBC white noise.


  7. Lets get as many replies sent to all who seek to use this episode
    To pillars SNP

    Total scumbags
    And THEY slag off the Russians for underhand dealings


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