SNP supporters launch quick counter-offensive and surge to 12% lead over Labour in only one day’s fighting

I felt it in my bones as I watched.

This heavy-handed theatrical assault on Chez Sturgeon was just going to piss off the SNP support and pull back any waverers.

SNP supporters feel free to criticise the functioning of the party and do, but when they see a suspicious pile-on like this, orchestrated by dark forces in London and drooled over excitedly by the media and opposition, they get angry.

I’ve not been alone in predicting, last night, a counter-offensive from the troops. The first wave is pushing its way into the field as I write.

Last night, social media was alive with comment on funding and membership increases. Twitter polls were suggesting resilience beyond that which the opposition clearly hoped for.

Yesterday Redfield & Winton’s full poll had the SNP lead over Labour up to 10% from 7% in the wake of the new leader election.

Today, Survation’s full poll has that lead up at 11% and weighted by likelihood to vote with undecided and refused removed, SNP support is more than 12% ahead.

12 thoughts on “SNP supporters launch quick counter-offensive and surge to 12% lead over Labour in only one day’s fighting

  1. Independence,or in Westminster parlance ‘”Separation”, is an idea which is not owned by any individual but by a collective.
    This collective is not represented by any single political party and has survived previous attempts by the Anglo media to discredit political leaders of the SNP,in particular.
    Don’t want to sound too Trumpish but this appears to be just another trial by media event.
    I may be wrong but time will tell.

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    1. I had moved house twice in last 6 yrs and let my membership lapse, have just rejoined and as a 75 yr old i hope to see indy


      1. I am also 75, thought my membership was paid annually through my bank, seems not.
        I didn’t even get a vote. Rejoining asap.


  2. Tory MP Scott Benton:
    Guaranteed he could leak Govt docs before they went public, potentially allowing them to profit from market-sensitive information.

    He could be a security risk so why is the police not searching his house for any documents he might be sending to Russia or China.
    Just asking would this not be a very serious situation so why is there no MSM frenzy about it.

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  3. Every front page of every paper in the stand at Morrison’s SNP bad it makes me and others mad and more determined for independence to get away from the corrupt unionist.
    Where is the massive police presence outside Mone or Harding homes.

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    1. I suspect that every paper on sale portraying this pantomime continues to lose its circulation.

      The comparison to the treatment of Michelle Mone is quite stark and not lost on the Scottish public. For a long time she was the Heralds “Poster Girl” – now it’s zilch!

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  4. Sickened and insenced by this disgusting witch hunt…made me even more determined to support SNP. We are fighting dark forces here. We must stay resolute. I will start a DD for a donation today

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  5. As commented elsewhere John, have a look at that aerial shot again and consider how impossibly close it was to the building hence denying a photo-op through the ground floor windows for Glenn “Shitehalw” Campbell to exploit in the name of BBC “impartiality”… 😉

    As many I sensed the limp hand of the State of a Secretary for Flounce in Scotland pulling strings over reporting this incident, in hindsight I suspect Police Scotland did the public a huge favour with that “Tent” ruse…


  6. We need this momentum to continue.
    These lying corrupt unionists will do and try anything
    To Prevent all freedoms for Scotland


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