Sarwar improves on Leonard by only 1%!

In the 50 polls during the time Richard Leonard was Labour leader in Scotland, they averaged 20% support for Labour.

Since Sarwar was elected in February 2021, in 28 polls, they have averaged 21%.

Go home and prepare to return to the council chambers!


4 thoughts on “Sarwar improves on Leonard by only 1%!

  1. Starmer—“I am the new Emperor—see my fine clothes”.

    “I have replaced (sacked) my underling in Auld Scotia, with a fine, wind-up puppet, who can sing and dance in accordance to my tune.
    BBC Hootsmon and all the rest of the Scorrish (sic) “journalists” think me wonderous, and SO well dressed!
    Whit a hoot!
    Fine time to be a London Lad, lording it over the Sweaties”!

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