BBC Scotland can only criticise the best by far cancer waiting times performance in the UK


In the last few minutes from BBC Scotland:

Almost three in 10 patients being referred with urgent suspicion of cancer are waiting longer than the 62-day target for their first treatment.

New figures from Public Health Scotland showed performance against the target fell to 71.7% in the last three months of 2022.

The rate was the lowest since records began a decade ago.

Only BBC Scotland is covering cancer waiting times and, of course, is not offering any context, in the way they so love to do with drug deaths. Here’s the context:

From UK Parliament research briefings on 13 March 2023, in NHS England:

The 62-day waiting time standard for cancer (measured from urgent GP referral to
treatment) has not been met in recent years. Performance declined between 2013 and 2018. Since
the pandemic it has fallen further, with 54.4% of patients waiting under 62 days for treatment in
January 2023 (target: 85%).

From Public Health Scotland on 13 December 2022:

74.7% of patients started treatment within the 62-day standard, compared with 76.3% in the previous quarter, 83.3% in the quarter ending 30 September 2021, and 83.7% in the quarter ending 31 December 2019

74.7% is 37.3% better than 54.4%.

Remember that’s more than a third of more than 4 000 patients seen within target in Scotland and more than a third 40 000 waiting beyond the target in England.


5 thoughts on “BBC Scotland can only criticise the best by far cancer waiting times performance in the UK

  1. So, is the urgent referral from a doctor 62 days to treatment a stand alone target?
    Do the figures include those who have refused treatment and those who have been given options on treatment or decision delayed because the consultant has agreed with the patient to wait several months to rescan to check if the cancer has spread. Finally those were found not to have cancer but something else.

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    1. BBC Scotland doesn’t do ‘complications’ or nuance or context or perspective or balance or comparative analysis (if favourable to something about Scotland) or equality of treatment of political interviewees or ……!

      Am I over- or understating the character of our (sic) public service broadcaster?


  2. As Scotland along with Northern Ireland Wales and all overseas territories are still part of England’s “Empire” I am not surprised that the “imperialistic” BBC takes this tone. If its good news’ that makes England look bad then it has to be “reorientated” to look bad. The NHS in Scotland could have no waiting list for any condition (including A&E at weekends) and a service that is #1 in the world bar none but alas the BBC will warp it to suit their own agenda.

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