What do Scotland’s drug deaths and long hospital waits have in common?

Answer straight away – They are the only two measures where the MSM in Scotland can consistently and based on some facts, if highly selective ones, make Scotland under the SNP of course, seem worse than somewhere else and preferably England.

Any other comparisons where Scotland performs better are, of course, discounted as ‘whataboutery.’

What are these other comparisons where SNP Government is doing better? BH! Far too many for me to remember but here are the ones in my head at the moment:

  1. Far lower crime including all violent and hate crimes
  2. Far more police officers per head
  3. Far lower Covid deaths especially in care homes
  4. Far more nurses, home visitors, midwives, student nurses, GPs, consultants and bed per head
  5. Far faster ambulances and A&E
  6. Far shorter waiting times for all other procedures at all other waiting time periods, including for cancers
  7. Cheaper and more comprehensive IVF programmes
  8. Target busting drug and alcohol treatment
  9. Higher vaccination rates esp deadly measles
  10. Far more affordable housing
  11. Lower poverty rates
  12. Faster and better staffed fire services
  13. Far more teachers per head
  14. Far more school leavers with access to HE or other positive destinastions
  15. Lower road traffic incidents and deaths
  16. Cleaner drinking and swimming water

Whit aboot these John Beattie!!??

Sources? Use the search option above yourself.


Make a list of any other comparisons I’ve missed.

Do suggest any others unfavourable to Scotland so that we can investigate them.


4 thoughts on “What do Scotland’s drug deaths and long hospital waits have in common?

  1. Although this kind of information is not well reported in the media, more and more people are becoming aware of the improvements in living conditions in Scotland compared to England.
    The stark difference between the attitude of the SNP and the Westminster based opposition parties is clear when comparing Mike Russell’s statement that “the real purpose of politics is actually and always has been about how to constantly strive to change people’s lives for the better” to the quote from a Labour source regarding the function of opposition MSPs on Holyrood’s Public Audit Committee that “This kind of cultish refusal to accept any blame on behalf of the SNP is the exact opposite of what MSPs are on the committee to do”.


    1. That is a problem, why risk independence when we can have all this for very little extra on our income tax.
      The Scottish Government is probably at the limits of devolution now and the day will dawn when some of these improvements will have to go in order to legally balance the books.
      That will be the time when people will have to decide whether they let Westminster roll back devolution or turn their backs on the UK Government and assert their sovereignty in an independent Scotland.


  2. Westminster and it’s evil helpers spend huge amounts of money and time searching for the needle in the haystack ignore the successes of Scotland and report the needle in the haystack what a waste of time and money it will not stop Scottish independence .
    The helpers are evil without doubt because their lies and support of Westminster policy causes more death and misery
    We will come for them once independent
    We know what they have done


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