Robbery in Scotland is lowest in UK and one of lowest in Western Europe

As Starmer and Gove fight to appear the toughest on violent crime, the above data suggest they have a fight on their hands to win the war on violent crime in England and that, after 16 years in power, Sturgeon and the SNP might actually be leaving a nice wee legacy to her successor. See that ‘serious?’ I smell a get out for when they fail.

Note that robbery is stealing with threat of violence or of actual violence.

Starmer has promised to halve serious violent crime. I know where he can find out just how to do that; look North.

Michael ‘Cocaine’ Gove has promised to crack (sic) down on ‘hippy crack’ – nitrous oxide and insists this is no laughing matter.

Note: I wrote ‘in Western Europe’ because I strongly suspect ‘different’ reporting methods in Eastern Europe.

6 thoughts on “Robbery in Scotland is lowest in UK and one of lowest in Western Europe

  1. Hmmm England is a violent country across the world has always been so and still they cause mayhem at every sporting event they attend just look at the trouble England fans had in Italy the other day fighting with police trouble and violence in England itself is often the same racist attitude they show overseas will it ever change perhaps once England is independent and all this nonsense riding on the backs of wales Scotland and Ireland can stop do they really fear being just England ? Why do they need to present as UK to feel pride for who they are

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  2. Ah, but ….. Ah wis readin a buik ca’ed ‘No Mean City’ an it tells the truth about crime’n’vilence in Glezga. It’s pure mental therr so it is. It aw takes place in the 1920s, but it’s aw still true. In fact, it’s gettin worser. Ah read that in the Daily Record.

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    1. Aye wis the style o’ violence(sic) an control exported to Birmingham or imported from it. Ah believe from a wee bit o’ research blades in the peak o’ the bunnet wis still popular up to WW2 and possible on until the Sixtys. In the gangs of Scotland.

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