NHS Scotland’s eating disorder services fully fit and more

The Guardian today has:

‘I worry my young patients will die’: UK’s eating disorder services not fit, say GPs.


Typically this ‘UK’ study has only references to England but in June 2022, they had:

A shortage of beds for severely unwell eating-disorder patients has forced the NHS to send more than 100 women from England to hospitals in Scotland for treatment since 2017.

The cost of relocating patients, which included under-18s, was more than £10m, with one patient staying more than a year in hospital, costing close to £250,000.


Om March 11 2023, BBC Wales had this:

Today, BBC Wales has People with eating disorders in Wales could be sent as far away as Scotland in order to get treatment.


Scotland’s media coverage of this?

So English and Welsh patients travelling to Scotland are not news but…

Mind you, see that one in the middle there?


One thought on “NHS Scotland’s eating disorder services fully fit and more

  1. Is this perhaps a new long term tactic to undermine our NHS – the overload it with foreign immigrants seeking health care?

    I wonder how many Scots relocate to England to take advantage of high prescription charges and second rate services? Compare that to the brass necked hoardes of aging immigrants flooding across our border to freeload off our better services and free prescriptions, whilst pricing locals out of their own housing market?


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