Scotland’s drug deaths as effects of Thatcher and Blair/Brown recede – the end?

While drug deaths overall, based on Police Scotland reports have been falling for two years now, deaths among those born under Thatcherite devastation in the 80s and 90s or New Labour neglect until 2007, the 35 to 54 year-olds (there are few of the 55 and over left now), have suddenly plummeted.

While deaths among this age group continued to climb until 2021, the data for 2022 indicate a massive sudden drop of 17.6%in one year, from 873 to 719 cases.

Also, and most encouraging for the situation, relative to the rest of Europe, which we hope to find ourselves in quite soon, deaths since 2020, among the 24 & Under have fallen by 60% and, among the 25 to 34s, by 21%.


Data tables

4 thoughts on “Scotland’s drug deaths as effects of Thatcher and Blair/Brown recede – the end?

  1. Fantastic news I’m glad to hear it , ending the miserable existence of people who are addicted to drugs alcohol and other substances has to be given top priority there are ways to do it so we should help people to have happier more constructive lives.


  2. £250million invested over five years in total abstinence rehab facilities. The death rate will fall. MUP has reduced alcohol death rate and hospitalisation.


  3. If it is reported at all the media and the unionists will focus on the rise in the last quarter of 2022 as CONTINUING FAILURE.

    The report cautions about jumping to conclusions because of fluctuations, which is good sense. However, it is good practice to hypothesise in an informed way if there is an underlying reason for the fluctuation. As the author indicates, perhaps the age cohort which grew up during the period 30/40 years ago might be one factor.

    It might be that the last quarter of the year is a cold one and, with the rocketing price of energy, some drug users were unable to heat their abodes and, with food price inflation, were unable to feed themselves, given their priority is to get drugs. These two factors, allied to the fact that the group is in poor health anyway, might be the driver of the rise during that quarter.


  4. No, no. The Brit Nit mejah need their FIX of SNP-Bad tales of woe.

    They have an ADDICTION to fabricated, bloated, hyped and manipulated “news” (often supplied by political “dealers”) that would be a disgrace in any other country.

    In Scotland, it is the NORM.


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