The Party that will not end?

These are proper graphs with the vertical axis starting at zero. By shortening the vertical axis, starting at say 38, we could get some peaks and troughs going to suggest trouble for the SNP.

The media would so love to see some evidence and they’re in full frothing frenzy today but, in the clear absence of any terminal decline in support, they’re making do with 1 ex-member getting a vote among the only 72 000 remaining, to create a ‘shambles’ and the party ‘rotting like a fish’ (Express).

Am I conveniently ignoring that poll at only 39%?

How about these 11 below 35% and these more than 30 between 35 and 40?

How did the SNP survive those dips? Why will it be different this time?

It won’t. Pants straight, hair on tight, on we go.


7 thoughts on “The Party that will not end?

  1. We are doomed according to MSM,Unionist BBC at the front of the queue,I would like to see the membership of all 3 yoons wont come near SNP total.
    I noticed only Tory backing papers were allowed to attend Braverman on her trip scared of having to answer awkward questions.

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  2. As one who temporarily cancelled his Party membership a while ago over my disquiet over the so called ‘missing’ crowd fund Indy monies I rejoined shortly after and I daresay many for whatever reason will do so themselves in the face of the incompetence and corruption at Westminster. No fears over the Party remaining strong and hopefully refocussed on our Indy goal once the new leader emerges. In any event I feel Sturgeon will return once more after her self imposed sabbatical if the situation deteriorates. That said it would be interesting to find out the reasons why so many have left. Anyone?

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    1. Dare I suggest affordability ?
      Folks incomes have been hammered over the last few decade, the latest series of crises will have forced many to prioritise outlay, party membership is low on priority.
      Yet what really matters is Indy, which support has continued to grow.

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  3. Aye, it’s the “Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated” scenario – The “problems” of the SNP are equated to Independence aspirations vanishing, hence the wholly media fabricated “row” over membership and yet another SNP funeral…
    Yet there is a further aspect of the SNP’s existence the media and London fear, contagion.

    Unlike Scotland, England still believes the two principal parties are poles apart, all they need do is swap who is elected to make fundamental change.
    Scots were relieved of that illusion years ago as Labour were as wedded to London hegemony, enter the SNP, exit Labour…

    London is terrified England wakens as Scotland did to the “democratic” con, both the SNP and Independence represent the end-game.

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  4. Our colonial media just love the two-party system, a la Angleterre.
    Saves them having to think beyond 1+1 buggins-turn politicking.
    Which English (and they are all English now) hucksters turn is it now?

    It also stops the dreary journey north of The North to cover the “Jocks”.
    Much better when everything gets decided near the Bow bells.

    “Political operator quits after feeding the credulous media fake news”. –shock, horror! A wold-wide first!
    On the anniversary of the IRAQ invasion.
    Yup, you couldn’t make it up.
    Unlike the BBC, Sun, Express, Mail, Torygraf, Times, Herod, Hootsmon et al.

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  5. The reasons for the drop in membership will vary and I’ve noted some of the reasons why our own local Branch which is in the North East, has lost members over the past two years. Some people left to join Alba, some didn’t renew due to the GRR, some didn’t renew due to affordability and it has to be said that the Grim Reaper also took its toll on some older members. I also think that there was a post-covid stasis that has impacted on a large number of people and not a lot – if anything – has been done by the party on a national level to rekindle enthusiasm among supporters to rejoin and become involved. A reset is badly needed and in my opinion the re-establishment of the party’s National Council needs to be one of the first steps towards this that the new leader needs to take.


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