Nearly 5 times as many ICU Covid cases in other parts of UK!

Regulars may be tiring of this story but it’s getting more dramatic as time goes on.

Last year, there were twice as many Covid cases requiring intensive care, per head of population, in English and Welsh hospitals than in Scottish ones.

I still have no conclusive proof but it seems that this may have been the result of a better NHS, identifying serious cases and beginning treatment before ICU care becomes necessary, or because of greater compliance with mask-wearing in key areas, or because of greater vaccination rates, or because of free prescriptions for, especially, those with asthma.

However, the contrast is becoming sharper with, since the beginning of March, the number of Scottish ICU cases shrinking to single figures and as low as two, some weeks, but remaining at the same level in England and Wales.

Last week there were only 4 ICU Covid cases in Scotland, 6 in Wales despite its smaller population and 184 in England, nearly 5 times more than would be the cases if all things were equal. They’re clearly not.


UK Coronavirus Tracker


4 thoughts on “Nearly 5 times as many ICU Covid cases in other parts of UK!

  1. You appear to be the only one to have drawn attention to this situation.
    Surely some group in the government or health service would be a bit concerned about the disproportionate number of Covid cases in ICU in England to have a look through the cases to eliminate poor practices and differences in how the the statistics definitions.

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  2. A further contributory factor will be higher staffing levels, but assuming similar prevalence levels, this should reflect as more hospitalised but not in ICU in Scotland as compared to England.

    Whatever the cause, HMG’s propaganda unit are not about to allow any failings in England’s NHS to appear in the media – Hence the frequent deflections to SNHS “disaster” being promoted, with Tsunami Baillie, Disaster Gulhane, BMA, etc ever ready to assist in the distortion.

    When the health of the people becomes secondary to the political propaganda game, avoidable tragedy is never far behind.


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