Scotland and renewables, a model for the world but not for the UK it seems

The above extract from a Herald piece, behind the paywall today, reminds that it is not a monolithic anti-independence media machine. Through it’s leading writers, it is a kind of septic think tank dominated by ill-informed and shoddy journalism aimed at undermining the SNP whenever and whenever it can but, now and again, something honest creeps through.

This piece today US professor wants to spread news of Scotland’s renewables to world, opens with:

Sometimes it takes an outsider’s eye to see what a country is doing well, someone, for instance, such as George Busenberg, Associate Professor of Environmental Management and Policy at Soka University of America, a man now on sabbatical in Scotland researching the country’s wind, solar, wave, tidal and hydroelectric projects.

Sometimes? Sometimes? This good news story regarding Scotland which might be linked top SNP governance, is only down the page in the Herald and absolutely nowhere else at the time of writing. It’s certainly nowhere in the BBC Science, Business or Climate pages, the BBC Scotland News or Business pages. The latter does have two reports on morning rolls while the former..? You know ‘SNP this’, ‘SNP that’, ‘SNP anything.’

The Daily Letdown?


4 thoughts on “Scotland and renewables, a model for the world but not for the UK it seems

      1. Sure – Look at the graph and consider why “offshore wind capacity is rising simultaneously in Denmark AND the then United Queendom from 2002 – 5 years later the UK had overtaken Denmark and had hit 5Twh. Eh ?
        By the time Scotland caught up it was 2009, and only rose to a meagre 1MwH whilst HMG were achieving 10 – This continued through and beyond IR1 and only began to rise from 2017/18 at the same time the UK was already clocking 8+Tw yet had been ploughing in interconnects to the continent like crazy.

        The clue lies in the word “capacity” – Somehow HMG got to boost PROSPECTIVE capacity for the UK whilst suppressing that of Scotland, such that today the UK has 5 times the capacity of Scotland despite them banging in bypasses to the “National Grid” like there’s no tomorrow.
        THAT’s the reason for the Herald posting rare praise, it’s cover for another lie.


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