Only 1 in 390 cared enough to be in the Con Party last year

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As of 2022, only one in 390.46 UK citizens could bear to carry the Con Party card. You have to think that after having that Truss fitted, then quickly pulled off, the numbers must be even worse now.

As of 2023, 1 in 75 Scots is an SNP member, 5 times more appealing than the Cons. The Scottish Cons will not reveal their membership.

UK Labour claimed 450 000 in 2022, 1 in 149 UK citizens, half as popular as the SNP. Again after another year of Starmering, that seems likely to have fallen.

Scottish Labour, admitting even lower popularity, claim 16 000, 1 in 340 Scots, little better than the UK Cons.


6 thoughts on “Only 1 in 390 cared enough to be in the Con Party last year

  1. It is of note that as BBC Scotland splashed the SNP membership numbers as the headline feature, plus several other pieces and framed it is a FALL!!! in rejoicing capital letters. It made no reference to the membership numbers of Conservatives, Greens, Labour, LibDems or any other party.


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  2. As I’d posted this on this subject over on WGD, these are the SNP figures from 2021
    Dec 2021 104,000
    Dec 2022 85,000, -19,000
    Mar 2023 72,000, -13,000
    Given folks are struggling with a cost of living crisis and big energy bills coming out of winter, should anybody be surprised at party membership renewals not being high in priority ?

    As aside, found this House of Commons Library Research Briefing published 31 August 2022 – “This briefing brings together the latest available data on political party membership in Great Britain”.
    What caught my eye was “The SNP has around 72,000 members, as of March 2023 (reported by the BBC). This was down from around 104,000 members, as of December 2021 (Electoral Commission data)”.

    Essentially HMG have edited a Research paper published in 2022 to include “as of March 2023 (reported by the BBC)”, making the SNP be the ONLY party entry to have any mention of a rise or fall – All the rest are 2021 or 2022 figures.
    The official figure of 85,000 will presumably be included in the HMG paper in August 2023…
    There is a distinct whiff of Eau de Latrine about this propaganda game…

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  3. It’s certainly a mess and very hard to know what has been going on. If you challenge the rumours you are accused of burying your head in the sand or a a cult nicola member. The fact the snp has the most card carrying members of any party proportionately is buried under the allegations swirling all around us. I can believe someone tried to suppress the drop in membership and suspect all party managers would do the same, not that that makes it ok but also a consequence of juggling party morale, public image etc.

    We’ve often spoken here about snp figures not being perfect and many have criticised party policies and decisions while still acknowledging the good things achieved. This latest mess though, while a bad look for Peter murrell, also feels like a witch hunt determined to destroy all snp credibility, and nicola in particular. If it was just a husband and wife conspiracy it might be easier to believe but I do struggle to believe that so many good people in the party would have continued to back them if they felt there was any whiff of corruption at the top.

    No doubt we will find out all in time but at the moment no-one is coming out of this well. We can only hope the next party leader is up to the task of moving things forward while understanding just how many folk are desperate to see the party and the push for independence disappear into oblivion

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  4. I know the ferries has been a shamble and the bonus being paid out but what do you think of this.

    Silicon Valley Bank UK arm hands out £15m in bonuses days after £1 rescue

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