Sarwar joins campaign to increase child poverty

Labour across the UK has committed to not increasing taxes to improve public services and protect the vulnerable. Anas Sarwar has joined them on the wagon.

Carefully extracting the initial IFS comments on higher taxation for the better off in Scotland, hoping it’s a vote-winner, they ignore these consequences of that taxation, also from the IFS:

  • Scotland has introduced two significant new benefits for families with children: the Scottish child payment (£25 per week) and Best Start grants (three lump-sum payments when children reach a certain age) – targeted at lower-income households. Primarily as a result of these, amongst the poorest 30%, Scottish reforms to the income tax and benefit system are set to raise the incomes of households with children by around £2,000 per year on average. A typical out-of-work lone parent with two children now has their after-housing-costs income increased by 19% as a result of the Scottish child payment.
  • The Scottish Government is also replacing the UK government’s personal independence payment – a benefit for disability – with the ‘adult disability payment’. Differences in the assessment process are forecast to mean more claimants and longer claims. This is forecast to increase disability benefit spending in Scotland by around a fifth when rolled out. Because disabled people tend to have lower-than-average incomes and living standards, this change will further increase the progressivity of the tax and benefit system in Scotland.

The polls tell us they’ve got this wrong, will stagger into second place in some seats, replacing the Tories but failing to catch the SNP.


2 thoughts on “Sarwar joins campaign to increase child poverty

  1. Judging from the photo ( above ) it’s good that these doom-mongers are kitted out in Hi-Viz vests to warn the public of their approach , allowing time to dodge into traffic to avoid their creepy , fixed Stepford Wives smiles and plastic rhetoric which has been proved to induce a state of complete apathy and a yearning for Daytime TV .

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  2. The UK the most ubequalplace in the world. Scotland becoming more equal.

    Scotland losing £Billions on Brexit! Tax evasion, too much on Trident and redundant weaponry. Scotland in surplus in fuel and energy and nearer the source. Pays more. Labour are absolutely useless. The unionists in disarray. Nothing to chose between them. Taxes for the less well off are lower in Scotland with much more support. Social care, nursery care, support for students, prescriptions, higher spend on SNHS and social care. More affordable houses being built. Bridges, rail lines and roads. Higher child care allowance and care payments. It is only the westhier that pay more. Tax evasion costs Scotland £Billions.

    Women who co habit, the majority need equal rights and legal aid.


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