Snap twitter-poll suggests support is solid with 87% more likely to support SNP after leader debates

Every state or corporate media outlet not serving the Scottish electorate is currently drooling at the prospect of an SNP ‘civil war.’ They haven’t had such stained fronts to their shirts since ‘Salmondgate‘.

The corporate pollsters have, pretty much together, revealed a dip in support down to just above 40% with a too-small-to-matter Labour climb and the Con support creepily hanging on. Even at that level, the SNP walks through the gap to win all bar a few seats where Labour is a close second or where the Unionist vote just swaps Con for Labour.

Remember SNP support actually dipped below 40% in several polls in 2019.

I did another, admittedly limited in reliability, small sample twitterpoll in the last 24 hours:

943 votes is not too shabby and remember, due to the limitations of twitterpolling, the above 77.6% SNP supporters is actually 87% of the SNP supporters who responded.

Three days ago, I did a similar poll but did not differentiate between SNP and non-SNP supporters. 86% said their likelihood of voting SNP was stronger.

Worried about the 13% now less than likely to vote SNP? They’re justifiably concerned about some aspect of the candidates performance and/or still thinking the loss of Nicola Sturgeon cannot be made up for. Give it time. Where else are they going to go? The Greens? Could be a lot worse.

History tells us that most return to the fold when it comes to a vote, even if just to vote against the Cons or the other Cons.

If you have a reasonable twitter following try doing the same thing to see if my results resonate or clash with yours.


4 thoughts on “Snap twitter-poll suggests support is solid with 87% more likely to support SNP after leader debates

  1. Once a Scottish independence supporter always a Scottish independence supporter those who switch back were in it for other reasons , there are some who vote SNP for the socialist policies but are really just unionists looking out for what suits their pocket rather than their heart.

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    1. Hi Alex
      I was at the Dumfries hustings and Independence was front and centre of all 3 offerings. I think Ash gets more coverage because she is more radical in her approach but whether it is likely to be more effective I will leave for you to judge.

      For what it is worth IMHO all 3 are credible leaders thus making the choice difficult

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    2. Come on Mr Beveridge!!!!!

      I’ve listened to ALL the streamed party hustings plus the C4 broadcast. Your statement – ‘Maybe I’ve missed it, but apart from Ash Regan have any of the other two candidates mentioned Independence?’ – is simply, evidentially NOT true. Whatever their views on the merits of different candidates, all who have listened in know only too well that your statement is FALSE!

      Sorry to have to post this but surely we should avoid such misrepresentation. We have more than enough to cope with rebutting Unionist and media misrepresentation!


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