‘Scots don’t deserve a deal like Ulst….oops, Northern Ireland!’

Leah Gunn Barrett
This sent to the Scotsman on 8 March 2023:

Murdo Fraser writes with a straight face that the Windsor Framework doesn’t put Scotland at a disadvantage and anyway, we don’t deserve a deal like Northern Ireland’s because we don’t share a land border with an EU nation. This is the incoherent guff Scots have to endure from Murdo and his fellow Tories, who must after all show fealty to their English masters. 

Because Northern Ireland has full access to both the UK and EU markets, its economy is outperforming the rest of the UK. Once the ‘Windsor Agreement’ is approved, NI’s economy will strengthen further. That’s bad news for Scotland which for the moment is stuck in the declining UK. 

But the agreement also shows that the claim an independent Scotland would have a hard border with England is just BritNat fearmongering. An independent Scotland can quickly join EFTA and have what NI has, which Rishi Sunak bragged is ‘the best of both worlds.’ It can have freedom of movement, preferential trade with rUK and full access to the EU market of 500 million people. 

Another Project Fear lie bites the dust.


5 thoughts on “‘Scots don’t deserve a deal like Ulst….oops, Northern Ireland!’

  1. But Northern Ireland does not have Oil Gas Electricity Water in abundance the way Scotland does so the only purpose of Westminster maintaining its hold on Northern Ireland is a show of strength to the Republic of Ireland and other countries that might think about leaving , its their example of “ what we can do to you if you don’t comply “

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    1. I think they want NI because when it’s gone englands only direct access to the Atlantic would be via the channel and as a maritime nation that would be a disaster, especially when they have to house their nuclear subs in england.


  2. Just outrageous. Scotland did not vote for Brexit. Yet loses £Billions because of Brexit.

    Ireland will vote to reunite. Scotland will vote for Independence.


  3. Murdo Fraser is a political and sectarian dinosaur that should not be tolerated in any country in the 21st C .
    The very fact that he cannot get elected to a position in the Scottish Parliament , yet has sat there as a List MSP since 1690 ( it seems ) is an affront to any decent society .

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