Oh ye shouldnae throw yer grandson aff the bus for a ‘slight increase’ in disorder

Today the Herald can reveal:

Bus operators in Scotland have seen an increase in anti-social behaviour since a flagship scheme allowing young Scots to travel for free was launched, The Herald can reveal.

And the evidence?

Well for the first 12 paragraphs it’s just the impressions of Labour councillor Tom Conn and Facebook activist Alex O’Kane and then, as promised at the top, a bus operator:

A slight increase that cannot be attributed directly to the scheme? Oh. Has the Herald writer maybe imagined all this for a wee headline so he can keep his job working for a corporation?

See that SNP free bus scheme? Nothing but trouble! Oh no wait…my mum and dad went to Perth on it yesterday and spent the bus fare in a wee café there.

Is it just them?

No, see this from the Scotsman in 2019:

Scotland’s free bus travel ‘increases happiness for older people’

Free bus travel for the over-60s has made them happier and more active, according to the first study into its health impact.


Maybe your mum and dad could have a word with noisy bairns?


7 thoughts on “Oh ye shouldnae throw yer grandson aff the bus for a ‘slight increase’ in disorder

  1. Just a thought John,It seems that the sports programs are being pulled by the BBC so I wonder if any of BBC Scotland sports personnel will pull out of there shows in support of Gary Lineker that will be interesting.

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  2. The Herald , doing their job as Westminster lackey , doing Scotland down even when the results are good bordering on fabulous as the free travel on buses for so many people is in Scotland.
    The Herald , nutters at work.

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  3. If any BritNat party ever get near the helm at Holyrood you can be sure they’d scrap
    free bus passes for young folk in Scotland and raise the eligibility age for over 60 bus pass. My sister won’t get her bus pass in NE England until she reaches 66, it’s 60 in Scotland. Yeah!
    I’m hoping to do some nice trips on the bus in the summer, I’ll keep any young ungrateful guttersnipes in check with my brolly lol!

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  4. I would not be in the least surprised if BBC Scotland ‘Mornings’ programme encouraging people to phone in with their experiences of the increase (sic) in violence by young people on buses.


  5. The Herald’s front page today was taken up mostly with this (non-)story. It really is ridiculous – the Herald and the story.

    It has been reported that one of the benefits of this scheme is that more students are using the buses in places that have Unis so that will help to keep the bus services operating.


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