Education Secretary shouted down by three noisy weans who preferred strike days

BBC Scotland yesterday, under the grudging headline EIS teaching union backs pay deal to end school strikes give no credit to the management/government side in strike resolution. Imagine this was a working-class union in England?

They do, of course, give lots of space to the three Unionist parties in Scotland with this unchallenged hypocrisy in the light of the views held in their London HQs:

The Scottish Conservatives accused Ms Somerville of being “asleep at the wheel” over the strike action.

Party education spokesman Stephen Kerr MSP said: “It would never have lasted this long – and caused so much disruption to our children’s education – had Shirley-Anne Somerville been on top of her brief and shown the required urgency to resolve it.”

Scottish Labour also criticised Ms Somerville for taking too long to reach the settlement.

Education spokesperson Michael Marra MSP said: “The SNP government needs to take a long, hard look at its approach to industrial relations.

“The delay tactics have hurt Scotland’s pupils, who have now missed a full week of learning in this academic year.”

Scottish Lib Dem education spokesperson, Willie Rennie MSP, said it was a “travesty” that it took so long for an agreement to be reached.

He added: “The prolonged and bitter dispute has caused unquantifiable harm to the relationship between the teaching profession and an SNP government that told them they were paid more than enough.”

In sharp contrast BBC Wales, yesterday, had Teacher strike dates called off after new Welsh government offer giving credit to the Labour Government in Wales and there are no comments by the Conservative opposition:

BBC England is quiet as the strikes continue there but on the 2nd March, had Teachers in southern England walk out in second day of strike action and no comments from Labour.


7 thoughts on “Education Secretary shouted down by three noisy weans who preferred strike days

  1. The BBC coverage of this is very disappointing though obviously no big surprise, I hope at least the SNP party credits Shirley Ann Somerville for the work she has done here, it strikes me she is often underrated

    I also wonder if the current Gary Lineker stushie will provoke some reflection in the BBC at all levels about the degree of impartiality they demonstrate. It has often been pointed out here that the Welsh branch manages to report on politics without blaming everything on any one party or gov minister, surely there must be some reporters/presenters in Scotland feeling a bit uncomfortable now about what they are colluding with in Scotland?

    It would help if we had an objective champion to stand up and point out what is obvious to all of us here at least. It would have to be someone unaffiliated to the SNP (or any other indy group) in any shape or form and possibly not even Scottish so as not to be portrayed as yet another whingeing Scot. Although, if a Scot was possible you would certainly be in the running – I listened to you yesterday on Caledon radio and thought you came across very well. We really do know folk that know their stuff, can argue effectively and not get bogged down or sidetracked by the inevitable hostility our cause seems to provoke

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  2. If only we could be sure that every party represented in Holyrood was working for Scotland then we wouldn’t feel the need to make excuses for the Scottish government. It’s not the case, however, and it’s do blatantly obvious that three Parties work tirelessly for the UK government, a government that’s only interest in this country revolves around how much can be plundered from it.

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  3. Just had a BritNat Labour Edinburgh leaflet through tyhe day, A4 size glossy shiney 4 pages of it. Telling us how they support the strikes of NHS and rail worlers and teachers, that’s nice of them, shame it’s completely missing actual facts about that with reagrd to Scotland. They really do believe Scotland is part of England, and they are living in ‘North Britain’. No thanks Liebour, Scotland doesn’t need or want your £billions of debt imposed on the public purse, and your neglectful waste of public money tactics anymore, all in order to attempt to blame the SNP for your deliberate mismanagement of public funds etc. Never again Labour Uk in Scotland.

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  4. It was noticeable on Reporting Scotland last night that in their report on the EIS vote they repeated several times that it was ‘3 months of strike action’ thus giving the impression that it had been a continuous strike rather than the days here and there sometimes in different areas rather than across the board as their report implied.

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  5. Did anyone notice. Settlement and agreement. Strikes are settled so much quicker in Scotland. One of the best education systems in the world. The ability to learn, not the ability to pay.

    The (unionists) Councils employ too many classroom assistants. Instead of teachers keeping class sizes down. Not enough additional needs training for teachers.

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