SNP Government allocates further £14 million for already target-busting drugs treatment service

From Public Health Scotland in December 2022:

The Scottish Government set a Standard that 90% of people referred for help with problematic drug or alcohol use will wait no longer than three weeks for specialist treatment that supports their recovery.

Nationally, the Standard was met for referrals starting treatment across all substances: problematic use of drugs (94%), alcohol (91%) and co-dependency (93%).

Today, attracting of course, zero coverage, this:

Three organisations supporting people with problem drug use will receive more than £14 million to increase the number of residential rehabilitation placements.

The funding will create an extra 225 placements each year and is part of the £100 million allocated to residential rehabilitation as part of the national mission on drug deaths.


3 thoughts on “SNP Government allocates further £14 million for already target-busting drugs treatment service

  1. Very good news. Labour didn’t care about drugs use in Scotland at all, they did nothing whatsoever to attempt to tackle the crisis. Drugs were imported very easily into Scotland and no doubt still are via the vast coastline and ports. Marine policing is a reserved power to the English government far as I know.


  2. £250 million over five years. It needs to go to ‘total abstinence’ drug/alcohol. Policies. No harm reduction. Some drug agencies are not competent.

    It will bring drug deaths down. Instead of people on methadone for years. Then taking other substances. The cause of all additional deaths. MUP has reduced consumption. Labour did not support MUP.


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