Murder now 31% more common and crime overall three times more common in England & Wales

England & Wales has 11 times the population of Scotland.

Based on today’s release for Scotland and the September 2022 release for England & Wales, on recorded crimes in 2021, there were:

44 murder and culpable homicide cases in Scotland as opposed to 633 in England & Wales, 31% higher, per head of population;

287 678 crimes overall in Scotland as opposed to 9 100 000 in England & Wales, more than 3 times as many, per head of population;

69 117 crimes of violence in Scotland as opposed to 1 135 802 in England & Wales, 60% higher, per head of population;

14 640 sexual crimes in Scotland (up less than 1%) as opposed to 199 021 (up 22%) in England & Wales, 36% higher per head of population.

Back in their good old days (2005), when comedians including Frankie could get cheap laughs at Scotland’s murder rate, even the Guardian loved this kind of thing:

Scotland has the second highest murder rate in western Europe and Scots are more than three times more likely to be murdered than people in England and Wales, according to a study by the World Health Organisation.

So, think about this. Under the SNP, Scots have gone from being THREE TIMES MORE likely to be murdered to FAR LESS LIKELY.

Sadly, the comedians are not giving it up just yet.

They’ve still got our drug deaths but those too are slipping away fast:

ONS researchers confirm drug deaths among 15-24 year-olds far lower in Scotland


5 thoughts on “Murder now 31% more common and crime overall three times more common in England & Wales

  1. Isn’t that just typical of you , John !
    Using FACTS to suggest that ”Too Wee , Too Poor , Too Stupid ” Scotland is actually doing better than our friends down south when it comes to Policing
    ( and GP appointments , and A& E waiting times , and Ambulance response time , and hospital beds per patient , and renewable energy , and Covid Vaccinations , and ….)

    Next you will be saying that the Westminster Government has dragged us out of the EU without producing any Brexit Benefits – unless you live in N.Ireland !

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  2. Are there not other things in society that can linked to the murder rate in a country ? for example how happy people are , how much inequality there is , how much poverty there is , etc etc etc


  3. Humsa Yousaf has only been the Scottish Minister for Health and Social Care since 20 May 2021. His counterpart in Wales, Mair Eluned Morgan, Baroness Morgan of Ely (Labour) has only been their Minister for Health and Social Services since 13 May 2021.

    The main headline on BBC Wales is about a Welsh Health Board.

    “Betsi Cadwaladr: Riot act read to north Wales NHS bosses, says minister

    Wales’ health minister says she has read the “riot act” to some executives at a troubled health board.””

    It goes on to say…

    “”It wasn’t my job to have a grasp on things, they were in charge,” Ms Morgan told BBC Radio Wales Breakfast on Tuesday.

    “They can’t shrug off the responsibility and say it’s my responsibility. We’ve had concerns about the health board for a while.

    “The straw that broke the camel’s back was that Audit Wales report that made it very clear that the board was dysfunctional and, although there is a huge amount of criticism of the executive, with the current board it was clear that the relationships had broken down to such an extent that it didn’t look they were able to make to make the changes that were necessary in the health board.””

    What would the reaction be to Humsa Yousaf telling Laura Maxwell on Good Morning Scotland that “It wasn’t my job to have a grasp on things, they were in charge”!


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