SNP accused of destroying Yorkshire with cheap electricity link

NIMBY – Not in my bloody Yorkshire!

In the Yorkshire Post today but not in the public interest in Scotland, judging by the zero coverage:

Landowners in East Yorkshire have complained of feeling “pressurised” over an undersea electricity “superhighway” from Scotland to England which will cross their land.

The £2.1bn link between Peterhead in north east Scotland and Drax in north Yorkshire, is expected to provide enough “green” electricity from Scottish offshore wind farms to power 2m homes in England.

Spaldington parish council said agents had visited local properties last year and they’d received complaints that “the actions of said individuals could be considered inappropriate”. Clerk Simon Baxter said: “The local community felt they were pressurised and the representatives were aggressive and quite intimidating. What developers may think is a minor issue to them can have a major impact on the local community”.

Two dozen objections have been lodged with East Riding Council, mainly from the farming community, with worries including the impact on soil health from construction traffic and heavy machinery.

Just 2 million homes in England?


From BBC Scotland in August 2022:

Wind farm agreements have been announced for three new developments in the waters around Shetland. The projects, covering an area of just over 560km2, are expected to generate a total of 2.8 gigawatts per hour of electricity.

This isn’t actually a huge increase in Scotland’s electricity production of 27.2 terrawatts per hour. A gigawatt is only a billion watts. A terrawatt per hour is one trillion watts.

Between Quarter 1 2021 and 2022, net electricity transfers from Scotland to England rose by 12 per cent to 5.9 TWh, as weather conditions were particularly favourable for Scottish renewables.Imports, exports and transfers of electricity – GOV.UK

1 gigawatt per hour will power around 750 thousand homes (source below) so a terrawatt per hour will do 7 .5 million homes.

Scotland generated 27.2 terrawatts per hour of renewable electricity in 2021 (source below) so could power 204 million homes. There are around 28 million households in the UK so around 3 million in Scotland (source below). So 28 million homes and enough electricity to also power all the other buildings too?

16 TWh was exported (beyond the UK). 1 Terrawat per hour, in 2022, is worth around $190 billion. Does that make it into the GERS data?

Other sources:,to%20power%20about%20750%2C000%20homes.

Click to access Scotland%2BEnergy%2BStats%2BQ4%2B2021.pdf,over%20the%20last%2010%20years.


3 thoughts on “SNP accused of destroying Yorkshire with cheap electricity link

  1. No to cheaper electricity. Scotland giving it away.

    Scotland in surplus in fuel and energy, nearer the source, pays more.

    The great energy rip off. The great Oil and Gas rip-off. £Billions lost to Scotland. Refused CCS funding. Scotland is covered in coal. Refused funding for CCS at Longannet in Fife. Other EU countries going ahead.

    England getting fuel and energy from Norway and France. Policy of no onshore wind turbines in the south but they want to frack. Fracked gas from the US imported into Grangemouth.


  2. “In the Yorkshire Post today but not in the public interest in Scotland, judging by the zero coverage:”
    I suspect HMS James Cook will be under instruction NOT to draw public attention to yet more power being drawn from places with higher electricity charges and colder weather to where the precise opposite prevails…

    Landowner “concerns” have dogged my many years on projects involving trenching, the reinstatement without fail was better than before we started.
    Usually when access is being negotiated you find some rare endangered species of plant or fauna will require oodles of money to relocate or they intended planting some expensive crop only on that exact wayleave which demands massive compensation….

    Spaldington appears to object to anything related to power both above and below ground, NIMBY country indeed…

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  3. In the photo …is that the deceased Bob Hoskins at the front ( kneeling ) with the Tory Brexiteer David Davies , aptly , on the right ?

    So the dead and the mind-dead are being recruited to enforce the usual English NIMBY response to ANYTHING !


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