The Act of Union in 1707 had very little legitimacy then and clearly has none today

I’ve been reading the above and getting a wee reminder of how little we need honour the Act of Union in 1707.

Here’s why:

  1. Only 177 unelected worthies got to vote.
  2. Many had been bribed.
  3. With one fifth (1 million) of England’s population (5 million) Scotland only got one eleventh (45) of the total 513 seats.
  4. English troops were massed on the border, in case the offer was not accepted.
  5. If Scotland rejected the offer, all trade would be banned, Scots ports would subject to a naval blockade, and all Scots living in England would be ejected.
  6. There was rioting against the Act in many cities and towns.
  7. The burghs and the Kirk objected to the Union.
  8. Not one petition in favour was received.
  9. Such was the respect for Scotland that the Act had the same status, on 6 March 1707 in the House of Commons, as three other Acts, including one for repairing the roads between Hockliffe an Woodborne, in the County of Bedford.

Kind of puts the EU demands over Brexit into context.

Reminds a bit Putin’s of demands of Ukraine before the invasion.

It’s so deeply flawed that we need a referendum on joining the UK where Ross and Sarwar have to persuade us to join.


9 thoughts on “The Act of Union in 1707 had very little legitimacy then and clearly has none today

    1. Sorry, the Ukraine comparison is poor.

      Edinburgh had not been conducting an 8-yesr campaign of violence, shelling, murder and repression on English speaking enclaves in Scotland where native English people lived. And whatever differences Scotland had with England in the early 18th century, no ‘global colonial power’ of the day was pulling Scotland’s strings to incite a proxy war on England.


  1. Saddled with Westminster’s Governor General as a pretense of democratic accountability within the Greater England state.
    Similar to the way Russia is dealing with Belarus and it’s intentions for Ukraine,Moldova etc.
    The Brexiteers need to continue with the pretext of GREAT Britain as being a global force and any idea of that being diminished by Scottish independence is completely unacceptable to them.
    Interesting times ahead.

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  2. Ah but, the unionist replies without any self awareness of the contradiction: we are better together because this act has served us well over these centuries’, but if we point out the breaches of the act perpetrated by unionists, the unionists then say, ‘the act is a very old one and custom and practice means it has had to be continuously amended, and because of the unwritten constitution, the government of the day can change it without consent – if the custom and practice does not suit the government’s short term ends.

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  3. We must get beyond our station and have rebellious thoughts get ye back in your box and accept the crumbs we give you.
    Come on fellow Scots waken up the time has come to believe in ourselves,stuff these who tell you lies all the time.
    How the BBC stole the Referendum I still Go and have a read of it and also watch our Prof John Robertson ripping into the BBC.

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  4. 26million Russians died defeating the Nazi WW2. Including Ukraine SS battalions. The West has missiles trained on Russian Borders. None of NATO countries would put up with it. Agreements made in 2014 were broken. Russian concern that Ukraine would join NATO and threaten Russian Borders. If Trump was still there it would not happen. Biden and Pelosi’s sons and associates and laundering taxpayers monies through Ukraine back to their pockets. £Billionaires causing more trouble. The US/UK infernal illegal wars since 1945. The Russians and Germans do not want war, The Ukraine is run by gangsters trying to defraud other countries. Total corruption.


  5. It’s not an Act, it’s a Treaty. Accept that it’s an Act and you’ve lost before you even begin which is why a dishonest wee Anglo supremist , apparently a renowned and respected jurist in britnat land called AV Dicey, invented a story about how the English Act was superior to an international treaty. Everybody thought that was a good idea, clapped and cheered because that sort of got them out of their obligations under Treaty law. So it’s not an Act, it’s a Treaty, because if you accept the lying wee toerags story, you’ve lost.

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  6. Is it not also the case that in fact, soon after, those who signed the ‘treaty’ were so pissed off they decided, having seen how they would lose out, (and saw how it was actually a bad idea for Scotland to say the least), held another vote, which was only just passed for the so called unions’ benefit.
    It would be great if we could time travel, (I know I’ve been watching too much ‘Agents of Shield’ Marvel stuff lately 🙂 and go back to watch it all, maybe change it all.
    Scotland was conned and bribed into submission, to have their massive wealth and resources stolen by the next door nasty neighbour for so long, bloody tragic to this day.


  7. As someone who canvassed during the 2014 Referendum, it made me sad to realise so many Scots have been brainwashed by relentless propaganda, both from the M.S.M, and the English Government, that they actually believe that Scotland could not support itself by becoming an Independent Nation once again. Sad.


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