Tom Gordon and the Rev Stu Campbell long-term buddies?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that these two would have little in common given their writing about Scottish independence in the past, but men’s troubles have clearly brought them together to fight a common enemy – the SNP, Nicola and those trans folk who, for some reason still to be admitted, have them anxious and angry.

Today in the Herald, Tom Gordon surprises us with:


In January 2021, Stu wrote:

Agreeing with Tom Gordon from the Herald is a position that we really don’t like to find ourselves in, readers. But we can’t find fault with a single word of this column.

We could quote almost any of it, and we recommend digesting the whole thing, but this is as good a passage to pick out as any.

I’ve clearly been taken in, and Stu, above has previously convinced himself that he has little in common with Tom.

What next, Gordon and Campbell join Stuart Waiton in the family torture friendly, trans-free Scottish Union for Education?

All three of them fly to Canada to sit at the feet of Jordan Peterson?


5 thoughts on “Tom Gordon and the Rev Stu Campbell long-term buddies?

  1. Tom and Stu obviously have found that more unites them than divides – hence the Love In !
    They are true ”Proud Scots but… ”
    Expect them to be sharing a platform as they argue against Nicola Sturgeon’s push for Independence , as it will be ”the wrong kind of Independence .”

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  2. Fling in McKenna and anyone from the Tory-led BEEB/Torygraf/Times/Mail etc—not forgetting the Hootsmon Brigade of Brit Nit Commentator Comics, and we have all the Holy Wullies attacking Nikla as a kind of unholy misogynist crusade.

    I would bet they were all spitting blood when Scotland beat England last week (and Wales this week) because ANYTHING that diminishes Scotland is a positive thing for them.

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  3. I think these people who hate the idea that trans people should be able to live the life they feel most suited to are hiding something inside that makes them feel so angry about something that will not affect them personally, if they were just loving caring people who loved and cared about everyone they would not be involved in journalism and politics , you need a special kind of ability to turn a blind eye when required by your editor to survive in journalism and an ability to say black is white and see black as being white to be a politician


  4. Used to follow WOS until he became obsessed with Trans issues and his buddy Alex (sex pest) Salmond. When I challenged him on an alternative path to Independence he blocked me.


  5. With three daughters and four grand daughters I too am anxious and angry about the erosion of women’s and girls rights

    I see no reason why
    1) biological men should be allowed in women’s private spaces to enact their fantasies because a GRC says they can
    2) Women should have intimate and personal services carried out by biological men because a GRC says they can
    3) biological men should be allowed to compete in women’s sports because a GRC says they can.

    The recent prison fiasco has illustrated what an ill-conceived bill the GRR is.

    Men may become women
    Men who are rapists cannot be women
    Men who have become women and who subsequently rape will have to become men again

    I respect the rights of people to live how they wish but not at the expense of the rights of others.


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