Hate crime drops in Scotland as it surges elsewhere

I was alerted to the above by reader Dorothy (Dotties Phone) in a tweet by always Anglocentric Dr Deepti Gurdasani, saying:

For those who think the UK is an incredibly ‘tolerant’ and inclusive place and what happened in Knowsley isn’t representative, please look at the hate crime stats over the past few years. They don’t paint a picture of ‘tolerance’ and inclusivity.


I couldn’t help but remember that the trends in Scotland are, in some aspects, down:

I’m hoping the increase regarding disability reflects great confidence in reporting.

As for the increases in sexual orientation and transgender identity offences, credit must go to the Scottish cons and their pals in the media for stirring up some of that.

2 thoughts on “Hate crime drops in Scotland as it surges elsewhere

    1. “– except in the Headlines of Scottish ( sic ) editions of English newspapers” and BBC Scotland.
      PS – Has anybody else noted BBC Scotland’s theatrical delay in handover to Glenn Campbell on OBs – Glenn nodding and staring at the camera for several seconds as if live footage is passing from Govan to Bearsden via the moon.
      Not even Thuraya sat phones are that slow πŸ™„ Hootsman – Bleep – We have a problem – bleep..


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