Get Nicola! Get the sick! Sink the Maid of the Loch! Get Nick’s hubby! Political satire at its bottom?

I’ve been busy satirizing, as I like to think, Scotland’s rabid media.

The above was prompted by this:

The above was prompted by:

The above base on this, the latest in the Hell Hath No Ferries series on Amazon Prime Mince:

And the last, above, in the long-running Sturgeon Must Go! series on Nutsflex, produced by Tom Gordon Bennett, poked by this:

Homework – write your own stinky headlines below with two sentences saying why you think it is satire and not just sh***.


14 thoughts on “Get Nicola! Get the sick! Sink the Maid of the Loch! Get Nick’s hubby! Political satire at its bottom?

  1. The Herald become gone absurd today with its attacks on Nicola Sturgeon and they think this nonsense this will improve their dire circulation!

    How about a Michelle Mone exclusive for a change from the Herald 🙂 God knows they sang her praises with sometimes two puff pieces a day not that long ago.

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  2. Our media will never praise any SNP led Scottish Government they are so entrenched in Unionism. The constant negativity from particularly BBC Scotland on the NHS I believe is one of the main reasons the nursing degree places aren’t being filled – who would want to work for a sector that is constantly vilified in the media. Sick to the back teeth of our media, they demonise sectors and blame the SNP SG at every turn and don’t seem to realise the damage they are doing to hardworking people.

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  3. BREAKING Multiple Westminster arrests after evidence of corruption, fraud and misconduct

    Wishful thinking headline inspired by
    Holyrood magazine
    “If she were any other minister, the men in grey kilts would be knocking on the Bute House door. But Sturgeon is a law unto herself, a one-woman government and leader of the Nicola Sturgeon Party,” writes @holyroodmandy,nicola-sturgeon-is-starting-to-look-like-the-snps-independence-albatross

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  4. Chas the turd has issued a decree, there’s to be no whale vomit in his cononation anointment oil.

    Daily hail on Sunday.
    Germany to take over Nato as uk hasn’t got enough ammo for the few grunts in service.
    Daily hail on Sunday scots edition.
    Stop the bottle deposite schemeor else says the gov. general.

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  5. James Cook cleared as being being entirely the innocent victim of prank emails before switching places with the right “honorable” Smith in the US claims the BBC’s “Kerching” Sharp…

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  6. Full court press by the Brit Nits–as polling shows SNP on route to being the Official Opposition at Westminster.
    Thereby guaranteeing them a place in every political program on the TV, radio and even the gutter press pages.

    Wonder how Tom, Glenn, Juan et al will handle THAT?

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  7. You know there could be a market for this new news. People will believe the truth if they get the chance to see it enough times.
    Great, look forward to more of this. 😀


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