The Kurdish areas, the earthquakes and the ‘absent state’

Kurdish majority areas.

The earthquakes

The Indian Army has arrived but the Turkish Army, active in the area fighting Kurdish rebel groups has not.

Thousands remained trapped under rubble after the earthquake and millions spent the night outside in freezing winter conditions while many areas have not received assistance and the government is being criticised for not using the military.

“Thousands of people have died. AFAD [the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency] is not here; the state is not here. We have been abandoned,” Y#

2 thoughts on “The Kurdish areas, the earthquakes and the ‘absent state’

  1. They can send monies to a war zone. Killing people. Instead of seeking agreement and peace. Western politicians lining their pockets with £Billion. They can send help and aid to a disaster zone.The emergency agencies will be mobilising. It is a considerable, vast area to bring immediate help.

    Another disaster in the area. What next?

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