Poorest £580 per year better off under SNP? Aye but…

BBC Scotland, right at the end this morning, after supposed Council funding, nurse training and pedestrian death crises, some of us are shocked to hear:

than elsewhere in Britain.


£580 per year higher than they would under the system in England & Wales.

It will be interesting to see if this story survives throughout the day or is modified in the light of the last bit below:

It’s called ‘repressive tolerance’, whereby a biased media is not always biased so that it can claim balance. Here the balancing positive (about Scotland/SNP) element tends to be after a string of negative messages and then qualified with a comment to divide the audience. In this case, the poorest 10%, unlikely to be watching anyway are set against the ‘middle’, more likely to be watching and perhaps more likely to be pushed away from SNP support by perceived self-interest.

So middle-earner give £4 a week to help the poorest get a much-needed £11 more to feed and heat themselves – braw!

5 thoughts on “Poorest £580 per year better off under SNP? Aye but…

      1. I agree , but my wife isn’t interested in politics , I stopped paying the license fee and when a threatening letter from BBC arrived I ignored it but then she paid it !
        Said she needs to watch her programmes
        Quizzes etc , gee , there,s no getting through to people the harm they are doing.


  1. No bedroom tax, social care, student support, bestveducation system. Apprenticeships. More NHS funding (pro rata). Investment in renewables. Building roads, bridges and railway investment. Building affordable houses. Helping those in care. Additional support. Young and old transport payments. Keeping up bus transport. The best scenery and tourist sector in the world. More visitors pro rata The list is endless.Extended nursery care. Baby boxes.

    Westminster poor pandemic management and Brexit Holding Scotland back. Mot enough powers. Westminster poor, bad decisions holding Scotland back. Tories perfect storm pandemic and Brexit. Losing £Billions. No pandemic management or funding to concentrate on Brexit. An absolute disaster for the economy.

    EU contribution.£Billion. £Billion came back. Nearest biggest market. 450Million. Easier and cheaper travel and expenses. CAP payments keeping food prices down, £11Billion trade with Scotland. Tourists and travellers for easier access. Visiters and essential workers gone because of Brexit. Renewable grants, loans and investment lost from the ECB and other finances. Brexit Tory disaster. Lies and deceit,


  2. You’re a stronger man than me John, I only managed the first hour of one negative story after the other and then repeated so didn’t catch this one glimpse of hope. I did send a tweet to Philip Sim yesterday wondering if they had missed the report (!) but wasn’t hopeful

    I think we should start a mocking campaign – everytime we react to a post to do it with kind, not hurtful/sneering laughter if we can’t bear to engage in fruitless discussions. Humour can be more effective than abuse or anger and they can’t accuse us of being vile. If you were to tweet a quest asking us what we thought would be discussed that morning we could pile in with our suggestions and comments, then claim victory for each one that actually appears. I don’t think Campbell, Beattie et al would like to be laughed at

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