Trans woman child abductor butchers SNP support? Don’t panic it’s a moral panic

Above, the Holyrood constituency and regional support poll results since May 2021.

Looks bad doesn’t it. A massive lead ‘thrown away’ by gender recognition. Wait a minute though. Why has the Alba vote dipped again? And, why has the Act-supporting Labour vote climbed? If supporting the Act is bad for support, why isn’t it always so?

See these for 2021:

The constituency and regional poll support graphs above reveal previous dips in SNP support, even below 40%.

Does anyone remember the previous ‘throwing away’ of support? Texting a 16 year-old boy who, in my day, would have just told the creepy guy to effoff? The Salmond trial? Ferries?

Look at the Tories still leading Labour then despite the latter anointing a princely leader to media ecstasy.

Look at the Alba support at 0.2% and nearly falling off the chart. Was that the Salmond case?

So, all of you worried SNP supporters out there, worry not, it WILL pass. All things pass. The Trans Butcher Child Abductor will be forgotten. The Ukraine War will end. Falkirk FC will rise again to respectable mediocrity. OK maybe not the last one 😦



9 thoughts on “Trans woman child abductor butchers SNP support? Don’t panic it’s a moral panic

  1. …and the Turkish/Syrian earthquake will also damage the SNP cause too ! Isn’t that how it works in the unionists mindset ?


  2. Thanks John. Parts of the media in their ongoing vilification of the FM and the SNP appear to be going all out on this issue, yet support for independence is still above the 45% of 2014. I think it was last week that Ciaran Jenkins (C4 Scotland correspondent) seriously questioned the FMs response when she said that some of the anti-GRR statements etc. are made by people who aren’t just transphobic but also homophobic. But there have been a couple of examples of the latter in the media since then.


    1. Ciaran Jenkins is C4News’s anti-Scotland correspondent.

      C4 News has no Reporters or presenters who are Scottish. It has English, Welsh, Irish, German, Somali, black, disabled correspondents but no Scots. The main presenters all attended private schools.


  3. ‘ killer blow for Sturgeon’, how often have we heard or read this nonsense?
    I have no doubt it was meant to, hence the splurge of polls after the Bill being passed, but we know from past experience, particularly the Scotsman, they’re not above jiggerypockery. Feb 22 had support among the public for the Bill at 57%, Scotsman, Savanta poll, neither Indy friendly, so in all probability support a bit higher. My guess, this stushie is more about westminster binning the ECHR.


  4. Missed the colour code. The SNP soaring. Nearly out of the picture. Streaks ahead.. The race is on, The Independence supporters better get out to the polls. The Ballot Box. Nearly time to see the unionists off. Before they can do more damage, Applauding war. To line their pockets. People are starving and dying. They egg corruption on. Even more migration and suffering. The Brexit supporters revelling in the inequalities. Instead of coming to an agreement. To comply with International Law. Tge EU founded to stop starvation and wat in Europe and elsewhere. Not implementing it. US/UK at it again.

    Vote for Parties of Independence. Gie’s peace and prosperity. Cut Westminster’s power of control. For a better place in the world. Peace and harmony for a change. Change the way things are getting done,


  5. I just a bit weird the girl turning up at Amy’s. Almost like its staged. At a certain point in time. The butchers. The Borders the last Tories in the village. Slow internet. Or slow police force. Around the corner. Looking everywhere but. More to it than meets the eye. The butcher looking for some cheap publicity for the cause celebrity. Mental health issues. All over the global news. Convenient timing. Trouble causing at all sphere’s of society. For a bit of notoriety.


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