Amazing NHS Scotland capable of 97% of planned operations on time

From Public Health Scotland today:

Of all cancelled planned operations during December 2022, for NHS Scotland, 565 (3.3%) were cancelled by the hospital based on clinical reasons, 493 (2.9%) were cancelled by the hospital due to capacity or non-clinical reasons, 644 (3.7%) were cancelled by the patient, and 123 (0.7%) were cancelled due to other reasons.

Cancellations based on clinical or personal reasons are understandable and not a factor in assessing performance.

That any health service undertaking around a quarter of a million operations per year, across more than 200 hospitals, can be ready to undertake more than 97% on time is performance of the highest order. To do any better and cope with staff illnesses or surges in emergency demands, you’d need considerable over-staffing and over-provision that no system could afford.

Praise is deserved yet never given in ‘our’ MSM.


4 thoughts on “Amazing NHS Scotland capable of 97% of planned operations on time

  1. Scottish opposition politicians and BBC Bad Health Correspondent ”slam” Public Health Scotland for NOT producing more damning stats which make it seem like the NHS is working .
    ”How can we get Humza Yousaf sacked if they ( PHS ) keep coming up with these kinds of statistics ?” stated a disconsolate spokesperson for Jackie Baillie and Sandy Gulhane .

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  2. There should be more non urgent operations cancelled. To free up bed and Doctors for emergencies. For the worse period Jan/Feb for deaths on average. Health boards (unionist) are too worried about targets and statitics, Instead of emergency actions in an emergency. To save people’s lives. In the perfect Tory storm. The mismanaged pandemic and Brexit costing people’s lives. The Tories underfunded the NHS. From 2015 to 2020. The cut the Budget £20Billion, Instead of increasing it.

    The Tories wasted £Billions on HS2 and Hickley Point etc. Instead of funding essential services. Cut Education £6Billion a year. From 2015 to 2020. Cut welfare £18Billion. £3Billion a year on average. Instead of increasing it. In a society when an older population is increasing. Cut funding for the young and the old. Wasted £Billion in projects of no value. The train to nowhere and the toxic waste. The Tories. A total waste of space running out of time and monies. Building up toxticity and bad debts. They are running out of time to do more damage, Starting a war in Europe, All the waste of space, time and monies going back in grants, consultancies and loans to Tories illegally to finance the Tory Parties, Jobs for the corrupt Tory boys. For donations,Killing people.

    The unelected Hols which should have been abolished can now delay any Bill for two years. Going back and forwards, The Courts are now controlling Westmibster breach of Laws. Until an election . What a way to run a toxic Gov. A shambolic disaster. Pandemic and Brexit. Wasting £Billions and killing people. The US/Chinese muck up. Breeding viruses to kill the world. Absolutely scandalous. Now starting wars in Europe. Breaking International Agreement and Law to kill even more. To line evil politicians with £Billions of wasted taxpayers monies. The reason the crooks are in corrupt Gov.

    Corrupt Gov everywhere. Scotland just needs to get away. People need to go out and vote for Independence Parties every election. To vote out the opposition. Support for Independence increasing all the time. Use it or lose it.


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