Scotland’s drug survivals: The Herald finds a grey lining in a silver cloud

The Herald today tells us:

Thousands of people have experienced near-fatal overdoses since Scotland’s drug deaths crisis was declared a public health emergency – with new figures labelled “deeply concerning”.

We then hear:

Naloxone? Yes that:

Scotland was the first country in the world to introduce a national naloxone programme, empowering individuals, families, friends and communities to reverse an opiate overdose. We funded this £1 million programme, over 5 years from 2011 to 2016. Over forty six thousand potentially lifesaving take-home naloxone kits have been supplied between 2011-2012 and 2017-2018.

So it’s working? Not according to Scottish Labour’s daft thinking. If the paramedics hadn’t use that SNP Government strategy more would have died. Ah…..sigh.

How was this story reported in the nearest parallel dimension? Here it is:

6 thoughts on “Scotland’s drug survivals: The Herald finds a grey lining in a silver cloud

  1. Scotland’s numbers of drug deaths ‘the worst in the world’, the media and unionist politicians exult.

    Scotland takes action which prevents possible deaths, the media and unionist politicians pure bealin, so they turn this into a bad news story. These people MIGHT have died, ergo they did die, ergo Scotland’s drug deaths are the WORST IN THE WORLD.

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  2. So providing Naloxone and saving lives is criticised by Scottish Labour .
    What about injections to prevent Covid or the Flu ?
    What about MMR jags ?
    Or wearing seatbelts in cars which saves lives ?

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  3. Just listened to First Minister’s press conference. Herald’s Tom Gordon is a nasty piece of work. If it was possible, he brings his paper even further into disrepute.

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    1. I suspect in Tom’s case, it’s his sheer frustration that despite his and the rest of Scottish Media’s best efforts (I know that is a low bar), have not yet managed to dent the SNP support or it seems Nicola Sturgeon as a popular leader in any meaningful way.

      2024 is winging round for the next GE and there is no prospect of a “New Jerusalem” in sight for the Scottish Media. Instead, the damn natives are now taking the piss out of the likes of Tom, the Herald and BBC Scotland.

      Long may their frustration continue.


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