This is the Party of failure to build affordable homes in England, attacking the Government in Scotland, which has succeeded

Why is Miles Briggs looking so glum? The Herald has used the same image from their 2018: Rape Crisis Scotland slam Tory MSP over ‘intimidating’ sexual harassment probe

So, a high profile case leads to an understandable surge in complaints, to local housing departments or other owners, about mould by social housing tenants and the Scottish Conservatives are platformed by Bol in the Herald to blame the Scottish Government.

First, a media-fuelled surge in complaints does not mean a comparable surge in cases where there is mould at the level where it is a threat to life. Some mould is inevitable in the cold corners of any house and a squirt of bleach does the job. In other cases, bleach and better air circulation or heating is required. In some of these cases, more serious intervention is required and the owner of the accommodation is responsible. Simply blaming the Scottish Government for failing to carry out a responsibility you have had for decades is pathetic.

Second, the Scottish Tories championing the rights of social housing tenants, really, don’t be stupid. They care no more about these folk than they do about the so-called threats to human rights posed to women by the gender reforms. Miles Briggs has been conspicuously absent from the gender reforms debate. Is this why?

Briggs says:

Note the conversion of ‘complaints’ into ‘instances’ and the use of ‘SNP’ rather than ‘Scottish Government’ but, more important, A Tory champion for social housing tenants?

This is the party of failure to build affordable homes in England, attacking the SNP Government in Scotland, which has succeeded:

4 thoughts on “This is the Party of failure to build affordable homes in England, attacking the Government in Scotland, which has succeeded

  1. Maybe Briggs is trying to curry favour with those council house tenants thinking to exercise their right to buy and thereby become more likely to vote Tory . Shades of Maggie’s property owning democracy style of thinking .


  2. On a subject that has perplexed us all over the last 2 years or so particularly when reporting on Covid etc interestingly the BBC (and others) can quite happily distinguish between sport, our ‘lousy’ weather and a select few other topics when it suits them across the four nations. However when it comes to important issues apparently it is too much for them when magically England and Wales becomes the UK just to muddy the waters. Such was the case recently when revealing the extent of mould in the social housing/rented sectors when all we got was some block interviewed from London telling us how bad things were. No comparisons whatsoever… just all BAD.


  3. To add to Gerry’s point, I know my daughter had a humidity detector in her rented house in Derbyshire as part of an England wide survey –

    Has Briggs minus Stratton but one Bol perchance been tasked by the Secretary of Flounce for Scotland to provide diversion in Scotland to a negative report due out in England against the backdrop of the Tory created energy crisis ?

    A&E waiting times anyone ?


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