Have BBC Radio Scotland audiences fallen by 20% in one year mainly because of Kaye Adams, Fiona Stalker and John Beattie?

The RAJAR report this week suggests:

BBC Radio Scotland has lost a fifth of all listeners in a year, according to the latest audience numbers.

The figures published by the research body Rajar, show that nearly 196,000 people have turned off the national broadcaster over the last 12 months. 

In the final quarter of 2021, 976,000 people were tuning in, but by the same time last year that had fallen to 780,000, a 20.1% drop.


What can have caused this catastrophic failure? Who can they blame for it? Judging by the torrent of angry comments I see in social media, Kaye Adams, Fiona Stalker and John Beattie, with the whole Good Morning Scotland team, of course, are prime candidates for rationalisation of the workforce to save money and stem the flow.


Well first, Kaye Adam’s show has become a haven for ill-informed Unionist rants prompted by tweets like the two above and this below:

Fiona Stalker by name stalker by nature has been responsible for some of the worst ambulance chasing, including this below:

Less well-known, Lin Anderson, knows the form but was quickly sorted out:

And John Beattie, one of the stars of their muddy firmament, a daily campaigner against the SNP Government, had this:

Beattie attracted several angry responses but these two sarcastically pointed out the stupidity of his idea:

Final nominations for the axe, the Good Mourning Scotland team, have a list too long to post here in detail. If you have time, click on this:


11 thoughts on “Have BBC Radio Scotland audiences fallen by 20% in one year mainly because of Kaye Adams, Fiona Stalker and John Beattie?

  1. I certainly hope so, No true Scot should be forced to pay liars and cheats
    Who’s only point in life is to confuse ELDERLY about their pensions and health

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  2. While News and Current Affairs is the principal bete noir of not only independence supporters but also of these who hold even vaguely leftish views, who send their children to local schools and those who appreciate public services.

    A disproportionately large proportion of its other output is music and, while, historically it has catered for jazz, folk, piping, Gaelic, etc music, these are under threat. Also, in various corners of the schedules usually late at night of at weekends there were a number of interesting and quirky programmes such as those by Billy Kay or ‘Out of Doors’, but, as part of the culture war or ‘war on the woke’, these are disappearing. Sports reporting, which is overwhelmingly football reporting has become a branch of the Rangers Supporters association. I wonder how soon it will be before the order comes to axe “Off the Ball” – the presenters have the temerity to speak in demotic Scots!!

    It is not as if any of this were new. It has been going on for several decades. In some ways the old Scottish Home Service reflected aspects of Scottish culture far better than Radio Scotland ever did

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  3. The Banshees of Specific Key.

    Oscar for best fiction depiction.
    Oscar for the best greetin’ faced actress.
    Oscar for the best supporting greetin’ faced actor.
    Oscar for the best Director of Mince.
    Oscar for the best unscripted gaslighting show.
    Oscar for the best “just following orders” brigade.

    And so on…………………………………………..!

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  4. Seems like any halfway decent reporter/presenter is jumping ship anyway to escape BBC direction. John Beattie went seriously downhill after the Stuart Cosgrove/Eamonn Holmes slot was axed, the weekend politics shows never recovered after Isabel Fraser and Ken MacDonald (I think that’s who I’m thinking of) left and even Brian Taylor and Gordon Brewer seem like giants in comparison to Stalker, Geisler, Kerr, Campbell and Roberson. I’m cautiously accepting of Stephen Jardine who does seem fairly even handed on debate night and when he takes over Call Kaye, I only listen now and again just to check what;s being said and prefer podcasts, live parliament coverage and sometimes Broadcasting Scotland

    Yesterday we watched a very good episode of Simon Schama’s History of Britain covering the reign of Edward 1st and hostilities with Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Apart from pitched battles it didn’t feel as if much had changed! I did think though that if GMS were to review the episode they would have excused English aggression and superiority by focusing only on Scotland’s aggressive tactics in Ireland in classic but whataboutery fashion

    O/T anyone fancy trying their hand at a Robbie Burns style critique of yesterday’s FMQ? Everytime I see Dross pointing and glowering or Sarwar sanctimoniously preaching the words Ye see yon birkie come to mind, a return of satire and humour is long overdue and, since it seems like John is in poetry mode…

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  5. The BBC £5Billion spent for a load of nonsense, Half in the estate and upkeep. An absolute disgrace. The money spent could relieve poverty. Scandalise salaries for supporting the corrupt Westminster Gov. The Tories appointing fellow Tories on high, unearned salaries for donations of public money. Totally illegally, Apalling biased coverage supporting illegal wars, banking fraud and tax evasion, Tories tax evaders leading the biased Organisation. Completely illegally. The BBC Westminster propaganda destroys the world.economy. Killing millions and destroying the world. The Tories illegally blasting the world with total,lies and dishonest, biased reports. The tax evaders are misusing public monies. Wasting it but not paying essential workers. Not supporting Education, NHS, or keeping people alive. Leading to early death. The public monies the Tories have wasted not paying workers is more the economy loses but their inadequate, bad poor policies. Paying the essential proper remuneration and improved conditions would be a bonus to the economy. The Tories soent £918Billion 2019/20. Wasted £Billions,sythoned off to their associates for benefits and illegal donations,.Yet claim to not have the monies to pay essential workers proper remuneration and benefits. A total lie. Just more appalling lies. The monies being wasted on projects of no value. Costing £Billions in waste. £Billions on Nuclear decommission but plan t build more. £13Billion a year for ten years. Flying waste around the world.

    Paying the essential workers proper remuneration would save monies instead of loss making strikes. Brexit the Tories didgrsce. Now starting wars in Europe putting up fuel and gas prices. Johnston causing trouble everywhere he goes. The blatant liar and thief. Policies killing people. They are culpable. How much longer can this farce go on, Everyone is sick of it. The blatant Westminster miscommunication, Called out endlessly on the internet. No one believes the BBC or the right wing Press anymore. Lossing viewers and listeners faster than a sieve
    loses water. Wasting £Billions. Everyone is sick of it. The Westmibster policies making people ill and killing people.


  6. The unionists Parties in Scotland are paid from London, More blatant lies and miscommunication to line their own, and their associates, pockets. Not paying essential workers proper remuneration and lying about it. Once again.


  7. The BBC website lead is an interview in the Telegraph by Liz Truss on how she was betrayed and plans a comeback. Perhaps even the BBC and the right wing press has decided however reluctantly that the return of THE GREAT BOZZA is unlikely. The House of Commons, despite the Tory majority, is likely to find he misled parliament and he is also earning – literally – millions for public speaking. So, Truss seems the only real alternative. Mordaunt and Braverman seem the only other options and the latter is seemingly even more baleful and unhinged than Patel ever was, while Mordaunt lacks any substance.


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