Massive improvements in longer A&E times in Scotland being reported, well kind-of..

In week-ending 22 January 2023, NHS Scotland A&E departments had massively reduced the numbers waiting over 8 and over 12 hours.

1 031waited more than 12 hours, down 54.4% from 2 261 in week-ending January 8.

2 331 waited more than 8 hours, down 47% from 4 403 in week-ending January 8.

The BBC report? There it is down at the bottom on the left, see it? It’s a bit grudging so don’t read it if you’re feeling a bit low. Does it have the percentage figures? Don’t be daft. The public doesn’t need that kind of detail.


One thought on “Massive improvements in longer A&E times in Scotland being reported, well kind-of..

  1. As with the Covid epidemic I think that these improvements probably owe a great deal to medical staff learning from their experiences and introducing changes to practices continuously. Of course, we need other changes like more staff (will the BBC recognise that Brexit had a significantly deleterious role here?), facilities to discharge more people into from hospital, greater use of GPs, pharmacies and NHS24.

    Longer term, perhaps more minor injuries units could be established locally. Perhaps Dr Gulhane could devote another couple of days GP service.

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