Scots told to ‘get over it’ as Edward 1st is renamed ‘Hammer of the Jews’

An image of Jews being beaten from a thirteenth-century English manuscript. The figures in blue and yellow are wearing a yellow badge in the shape of two tablets, identifying them as Jews.

Historians of medieval England are increasingly dissatisfied with the term ‘Hammer of the Scots‘ as Edward 1st of England’s genocidal antisemitism, ahead of its time, emerges as his more significant role in European history.

While it is recognised that his aggressive, imperialist expansionism in Scotland did result in major loss of life and, in the case of Berwick, a full atrocity, there is no evidence of any genocidal or even ethnic cleansing crimes.

In sharp contrast, before his attacks on Scotland which earned him the title ‘Hammer of the Scots’, after he had used their funds for his brutal conquest of Wales and then did not wish to repay them, Edward 1st launched what may be Europe’s first systematic attempt to remove a complete community of Jews. Many are likely to have died in the process and their easy identification for abuse due to having to wear a yellow badge is thought to have been a first, and perhaps the inspiration for the badges adopted by the Nazis, for Jews, 650 years later.

In the light of the above evidence, many historians have called for Edward 1st to be renamed ‘Hammer of the Jews’ in recognition of the role he played in Europe’s dark history.

12 thoughts on “Scots told to ‘get over it’ as Edward 1st is renamed ‘Hammer of the Jews’

  1. There are tales of atrocities in the histories of most nations, if people are prepared to look and if they can find a publisher, because, as the cliche has it, ‘history is written by the victors’.

    England is not alone in this regard, but, in much of the ‘history/myth’ we are fed regarding England/Britain, a sense of nobility and decency permeates, implying that Britons are above that sort of behaviour.

    When historians uncover some horrific acts in Scotland’s history – and there are several – then the unionist media will present this as ‘Scotland’s shame’ and report it in somewhat gloating terms as proof that we are not ‘exceptional’ (Do we claim we are?) and further that we need the civilising influence of the union to prevent us reverting to brutish bestiality.

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  2. Let’s call Edward 1st hammer of the Scots and Jews
    or hammer of the Jews and Scots
    Then let’s leave it open for further additions so we can add other peoples to the list should historians uncover details of further barbaric behaviour by this
    King of England
    If Wales would like to join the list we could say
    Edward hammer of the Jews the Scots and the Welsh
    Or what about Edward barbaric hammer of Jews Scots Welsh and possibly others

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  3. Edward1 is a hero to a certain kind of Unionist, but his recorded atrocities point to a psychopathic personality.

    He was only dubbed “Hammer of the Scots” in the middle ages, presumably by Scotophobes at Oxbridge.

    He was always titled Edward Longshanks at the time.
    The only person who was probably bigger would have been Sir William Wallace, murdered for his patriotism.

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  4. Raggy men’s rolls. Tax rolls on Scotland and conscription on the Scots for Edwards wars in Normandy France. Nothing changes Westminster Kings wars. Edward imprisoned John Bailliol in London. Puppet Gov. After Alexander 111 died. Edward 1 legalist tried to take over Scotland. Taxed the people and introduced conscription. The Scots revolted. William Wallace. Captured and killed. Hung, drawn and quartered. Edward 1 died at Berwick on the border, Robert the Bruce. beat off the aggressors. Union of the Crown 1603 James 1. Mary Queen of Scots behead by Elizabeth 1. Died without an heir.

    Scotland resources and revenues used for illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion by Westminster. Nothing changes. Unless people vote for Independence. Get out and vote for Independence Parties.


  5. Edward 1 died Burgh on Sands, near Carlisle. 1307. Bruce crowned 1306.
    1314 Robert the Bruce defeated Edward 11 at Bannockburn.


  6. I can’t agree that the atrocity at Berwick was not an example of a genocidal crime. I have no doubt that a great many more Scots than Jews were killed during his reign. Whether his monstrous acts toward the Jews were worse than his slaughter of the Welsh and the Scots? I do not think such comparisons are productive or even moral. Edward I was a horrific tyrant who left a trail of blood and suffering across the entire British isles.

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