Covid ICU cases still 2 to 3 times more common elsewhere in UK

Some of you may be tiring of this but until I get an answer, I’m still interested in why, over many months, Scotland has had at least as many Covid cases admitted to hospital, sometimes more, than England & Wales, it consistently has, pro rata, far fewer serious cases in ICU.

This could be evidence of several aspects of health care in Scotland which are performing better than elsewhere in the UK.

I won’t repeat them. See if you remember, find the earlier posts or, better, offer an explanation I haven’t thought of.


2 thoughts on “Covid ICU cases still 2 to 3 times more common elsewhere in UK

  1. Sorry I’m a bit late in replying but I came across this article from 2013 talking about the increase in prescription charges, in England only of course, and making some arguments against the practice.
    It set me to wondering, in particular with every penny being a prisoner in these impoverished days, whether the fact people in Scotland receive free treatment for respiratory illnesses, not just COVID, has had a significant bearing on the lesser number of people needing hospitalisation.
    In my simple thought process we are all suffering due to the cost of living crisis and I am positing that perhaps in England more people are avoiding getting early treatment due to the cost of medication and are consequently in a more advanced state before being admitted to hospital, necessitating longer stays and occupancy of ICU wards.

    Is that too simplistic?


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