A 45% rise in violence in schools in one year? Unbelievable! No, really it’s not believable.

incidents between pupils last year.

Only on Reporting Scotland today, no doubt on BBC radio, not in the newspapers and not even on the BBC Scotland website, the above claim.

A 45% increase in violence in one year? They’d call in the Army.

Needless to say we can’t see the data anywhere.

Try searching ‘EIS violent incidents freedom information’ in the last week and get:

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Why has the EIS not posted the data from their FoI request? Because it does not add up?

I was at school in the 60s when, I’d say, violent incidents between pupils were at a level many times higher than today and pretty much of no concern to teachers.

BBC Scotland, once again, not checking the facts for accuracy and reliability as it is supposedly expected to do in its own guidelines.

I’m really interested to see the data given Police Scotland’s previous refusals to provide any.


12 thoughts on “A 45% rise in violence in schools in one year? Unbelievable! No, really it’s not believable.

    1. The Berra report UK (2011)raised concerns about possible increases in cyber violence.
      A Scot gov report 2016 reported a decline in violence.
      The Scottish Telegraph, I know, has several articles citing individual incidents.
      That’s all I managed in a 5 minute search.

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  1. ”45% increase in violence in schools” ? – expect an immediate response from Labour and Tory spokespersons ( Baillie and Gulhane ) –
    ”Sack Humza Yousaf !!! ”

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  2. Next they will be asking for the strap and to take back corporal punishment. Birch people.

    The unionist councils employ too many classroom assistants. Instead of teachers, If they employed more teachers that would keep class sizes down. The (unionist) councils shut additional needs facilities. There needs to be more additional needs facilities and additional needs teachers. For diversity knowledge. Parents are having to sue the (unionist) councils for.
    the proper placement for their children. Unionist council shut out the SNP and try to do what they like. Spend monies on non essential waste of monies. Not on essential services,

    People who support Independence need to vote at every election. To get rid of the opposition and useless councils. Not providing proper essential services and waste monies on projects of little or no value. £Billions wasted,

    The Scottish Education is the best in th3 world. It would be even better with Independence. Westminster not wasting Scottish revenues and resources on Westminster illegal corruption. Tories donors are using public monies to fund the Tory Party. That is totally illegal and corrupt. They are misusing and embezzling public monies..


      1. I had a male Primary Six Teacher who referred to “The Belt” as his “Brown Willy” and then swung it with great aplomb at various miscreants. He carried it over his shoulder under his jacket for easy access and instant retribution.

        For minor issues the Blackboard wooden chalk duster would be hurled across the classroom.

        I am sure some basic background checks should have been carried out, even in a village Primary! 🙂

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          1. Ha! Given the age of that teacher it was probably had been going on since the 20’s!

            Oh, we did have some crackers of teachers. The Primary 2 teacher would lock children in a “stand alone” wooden cupboard in the classroom! Then we had the standing on a three legged chair and facing the corner of the wall stuff.


  3. They were home schooling for over a year. The pupils were not even there. Another load of nonsense. Any bullying is usually sorted out. The pupils are taught to be kind and considerate. Respectful of others. Mobile phones can be used to record any bullying. So it can be sorted out. Do any of these so called critics ever go near a school. The Scottish Gov funds more nursery cover. £20 child credit. To increase. More carers can work. Single parents etc. Not only will it help people get better off it will cut crime. Students get supported. People in care get additional help. There are kinship payments so less children are in care. More additional help. More diagnose for additional needs and more help put in place, within the Education system, Grants and loans andmire support, Teachers are higher qualified and high remuneration. Most do an excellent job, The (unionist) councils need enlightenment. Lack of knowledge.


  4. Speaking about violence is this link below not violence against rivers and having a quick I notice Dross and Bowies name is there.

    Last night, 292 Conservative MPs voted to allow sewage dumping by water companies in our rivers and coasts for at least 15 more years.

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  5. This kind of reporting using invented data about ‘state (ergo bad) schools’ is a regular trope by BBC Scotland. Most of the senior staff and a fair number of the news crew are the products of private (aka TOP or LEADING) schools and send their children to them. So maintaining the fiction of violence in state/bad/ scumbag schools lets them fee morally justified in sending their offspring to TOP schools, where they will meet the right sort of person and make ‘connections’. The quality of education has heehaw to do with their choice. After taking account of socioeconomic factors which affect educational outcomes, state schools outperform private ones.

    The last head of BBC Scotland was chair of the Governors of St Aloysius College.

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  6. Statevschools outvdo private schools (£16,000+) a year. 1/4 of private school pupils are on bursaries. Private schools get tax relief. Scotland has more universities (pro rata) in the world. 15 – 5million+ population. More people go to university (pro rata). 50%+. Colleges and apprenticeships.

    30% pupils from school. 25% mature students. EU students (numbers falling) Foreign students. The pay in full. long.

    Students get loans & grants. They have less remuneration for a limited period. Pensioners are worse off from longer. Especially women who live longer but we’re denied pension rights because they worked part-time (70/80s). The benefit Bill is higher because (UK Gov) pensions are so low. Raising pensions would cut benefits and bureaucracy. Pay for itself. Raising pension age will raise costs of benefits. Many people get ill when they are older of retirement age. Raising pensions would keep them in better health and happier. Cutting healthcare costs. The Scottish Gov has to mitigate all the Westminster cuts.


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