What would happen if the SNP was HM Opposition in Westminster?

The above prediction from LeftiStats puts the SNP well ahead of the UK Cons and thus becoming the official opposition.

What would they do?

Would it be a good thing?

What would Ian Murray try do as Governor General?


13 thoughts on “What would happen if the SNP was HM Opposition in Westminster?

  1. Murray would be “Carry on Hi Jack”.
    I expect he would ask Ruthie to be his No 2, as while neither is very clever, at least Ruthie has political nous and media support.
    An utter disaster for Scotland if this fool reaches high office.

    What would Starmer do?
    He has ripped up every promise and commitment he has ever made, so its impossible to say, but I would guess he will go down in history as a John Major the second, rather than Blair.
    He certainly wont be like his namesake Keir Hardy.

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    1. Oh dearie me. Sorry to the sole of my shoes.
      I blame my recently diagnosed cataract, the phase of the moon, my age and my stupidity.
      Take your pick! I prefer the moon excuse.

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    2. Keir Hardy is the official Labour spelling, that’s what was on their party conference stage background.
      So far removed from Labour principles they have lost touch with their origins.

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  2. Did you see on BBC Hootsmon, where Shir Keir has claimed a Labour government will ban new oil and gas fields?

    Because I must have missed it.
    Kevin Keane or Douglas Fraser would have said something, surely.
    BEEB Hoot’n’nannie had a wumin to report on Cop, but she seems to have gone back down south.

    Of course “Scottish” oil and gas ran out in 2014—this is Good ‘ol British oil,/gas now.

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  3. Well.. If it looked like the SNP would become HM Opposition during the panic that would ensue as the Polling Stations closed and the predictions came in, then I am sure that Westminster has a contingency plan / scam to suspend the count under the pretext of National Security.

    Following that charade, a lot of union flags, Spitfires and WW2 films will be on TV each night.

    The Lib Dems, Tories and all other smaller parties will coalesce into a party of “National Unity” and the election will take place again.

    Mind you I could be wrong..

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  4. Can we start a petition to force him to change his English Jack JACKET

    He is Scottish after all I think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. The SNP could get more than that. If everyone votes. A higher turnout for Independence Parties. Murray could get voted out. With a higher turnout. Last one standing.


  6. In the case a landslide for SNP aside possibly Orkney and Shetland, Murray would need to be elevated to the Lords to be appointed Viceroy…

    In all honesty I cannot see Morningside etc. re-electing Murray, he is as unacceptable to his electorate as are Lamont, Jack etc. – Blatant lying even if it is the modern Westminster way, does not go down too well with the electorate, or BBC Scotland viewers…

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  7. OT John, was highly amused to see this appear in the National this morning https://archive.ph/Cudeo and not in the slightest surprised the Scottish Tories doubled down on the lie by claiming they had ‘ they “faithfully reported” the figures supplied by the health board ‘.

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