Douglas wrong on gender reform approval

In the Herald today:

Really? See this from January 2022:


6 thoughts on “Douglas wrong on gender reform approval

  1. This Act was 6 years in the making and got a very thorough airing. The majority in Parliament was very big and there was support from all 5 parties at Holyrood. There was majority or unanimous support from 4 parties, plus 3 Tory MSPs including Dr Gulhane!

    Starmer’s mealy mouthed populism puts Scottish Labour in a very difficult position. Branch office????

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  2. Having just sat thro’ the GRC debate at Westminster what disappointed me most is that apart from the obvious Tory attack on the Scottish Parliament’s sovereignty on this issue; not one of the SNP spokespersons challenged the often spurious,inaccurate and homophobic opposition Tory speeches by ‘intervening’ by asking for specific instances why they felt the GRC legislation impacted on current Equality Acts. This I feel would have exposed and weakened the opposition case as indeed many Tory Mp’s and Labour’s Shadow Secy admitted they had not fully read thro’ Section 35 ‘Blocking paper’ which I find scandalous. Needless to say given the extent of the defeat it looked like Labour sided with the Tories yet again.


    1. You must have been making a cuppa during Alister Jack’s response to that precise SNP line of question being effectively “wait for the publication of the full statement for detail” etc…

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  3. Douglas and the Tories are wrong on most things, A few months to go. Everyone who supports Independence needs to get out and vote. No sit on their hands complaining. To get rid of the opposition. Hit the road Jack. A millionaire getting Tory grants and loans. The Tories are killing people. Out of touch and out of time. Time to go.


  4. Any body not sure of the implications of the proposed legislation should listen to the superb intervention of Christine Jardine MP. Rug pulled from beneath the feet of any objector.


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