Reporting Scotland re-using last year’s resolution to scare the excrement out of vulnerable Scots


Today from BBC Scotland:

The number of patients waiting more than 12 hours in emergency departments has hit its highest ever level, according to official figures.

Public Health Scotland data shows 2,506 people spent more than half a day in A&E in the week ending 1 January.

That was up from 2,183 the previous week – which at the time was the highest ever figure.

Once more the Pacific Quay juniors use a one-week data change rather than the more reliable monthly data which can be used to accurately put things in context.

Here is some:

  1. Ambulance workers in Scotland, settled their pay dispute in December 2022 and are not on strike as UK media warn of likely deaths due to the strikes in England & Wales.
  2. There have been no strikes by nurses in Scotland and the Scottish Government continues to meet with the RCN on the basis of a goodwill not apparent from the Conservative UK Government.
  3. Only the Scottish Government plans to increase the Higher and Top tax rates and reduce the threshold at which people pay the Top Rate, specifically in order to raise revenue to support Scotland’s health and other public services.
  4. In November 2022 (the most recent monthly data), 64.1% of admissions to full (ED) Scottish A&E departments were seen within 4 hours. 4.3% waited more than 12 hours. In the same period, in full (Type 1) English A&E departments, the figures were 54.4% and 10.2%.
  5. NHS Scotland has 771 nurses per head of population while NHS England has only 518.
  6. NHS Scotland has a hospital bed for every 265 people in Scotland while NHS England only has one bed per every 413.

Any of that in the public interest, Lisa, Glen?


5 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland re-using last year’s resolution to scare the excrement out of vulnerable Scots



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  2. Aye, but my apologies for the long post but it got me looking…

    This only persists on HMS James Cook/Politics page in third place at 1 day (allegedly) old, but oddly helpful as they allowed Comments – The earliest was at 13.20 TWO DAYS AGO from the usual “rentagobs”, the last of 2,232 was at 23.52 the same day when the fight back was presumably judged prudent to end engagement by the propaganda monitors in the BBC and/or at the Scotland Office or elsewhere…
    Yet note yet again the framing – Quotes from Disaster Gulhane and Tsunami Baillie, and recycling their Lailah Peel story from 3 days ago entitled “Scotland’s A&E departments not safe for patients, says doctors’ union” as “told BBC Scotland patient safety was now “at risk every day” in A&E departments”

    Their prime promotion piece “Care homes places to free up hospital beds in Scotland” at 21 hours old adopts the usual framing of a video clip of Yousaf, then again recycling the Lailah Peel article as “at risk”, the standard quotes from Disaster Gulhane and Tsunami Baillie, and of course “Analysis” by Lazy Winters presumably to disguise it was written “elsewhere” such as the Scotland Office.

    Their second placed “Prelims rescheduled as Scottish secondary teachers strike” stated as 27 minutes old is even more interesting from Comments, the earliest being at 09.51 today which would make 27 minutes a bit of a stretch even with a sonic screwdriver rammed firmly up an orifice.

    In 4th place is “No new oil and gas fields, say Scottish ministers” labelled as 21 hours old, which again was open for Comments, the earliest at 12.20 on the 10th, just a shade over 21 hours by my sundial at 25 hours old, but only 927 comments – I guess Kevin Keane’s relatively balanced “Analysis by” to back up to the SO production didn’t quite gel with the rentagobs.

    In 5th place at 1 day old there is “Scottish hospitals are almost full, says Nicola Sturgeon”, with cosplay videos of Glenn Campbell as journalist 🤣 and “Scrubs” Gulhane as a doctor🤣😂🤣.
    Yet again look to the 2,282 comments, the earliest at 1320 and the latest at 2352 on the 9th…
    TODAY IS THE 11th, this was 2 days old (from first comment) at 1320 today.

    Yet note the curious coincidental times of opening comments and closing them in #3 story and #5… That’s a 10 hour shift to begin with for the Contractor, but even were they to begin at 7am local that would place them at GMT+6…

    Propaganda by Tardis has it’s pitfalls despite a sonic-screwdriver up an orifice doncha know…


  3. All of the horror stories about various aspects of the health service in both Scotland and the rest of the UK are simply the same stories repeated as if on a loop. We get little analysis of why there are such problems and how these things can be alleviated in the short term and resolved in the longer term.


  4. Apologies for the long one.

    “Scotland’s A&E departments not safe for patients, says doctors’ union” as “told BBC Scotland patient safety was now “at risk every day” in A&E departments”

    Shock Horror. The above statement is true.
    That’s why A & E exists and the public attends, at that department.
    Because a medical professional, a member of the public, or they themselves, judged that they were “at risk” from an injury or progressing illness and required immediate medical assistance.
    So the statement at the top is actually true, completely out of context but true, and this is how they, the yoons and their support acts get away with the stories and lies they spout on a daily basis.

    For context, on what is currently seen as an A & E problem.
    One simple point, myself and my brothers have picked up a fair few stitched wounds over the years from two or three to over twenty stitches/sutures at a time all taken care of by our GP some times out of hours.
    This no longer happens for what I am confidently sure are sound medical and HS reasons stitching is now carried out in a hospital situation. Thereby loading A&E with work previously carried out elsewhere.

    As a trained but Non-medical professional I would suggest that one possible solution would be that A&E departments up their game.
    To do this would require an initial increase in staffing, an improved digital environment and to be more effectively split into other departments, such as X-ray, Cuts Bruises & Sutures, Orthopaedics, Surgical, Immediate Care, Discharge Assessment, etc with a through passage to discharge or admission, no returning to A&E
    I have no wish to teach my granny how to suck eggs, the decisions on the structure and operation of this should be in the hands of medical professionals. Not managers and definitely not politicians.
    But it seems clear to me that A&E departments need to develop a more aggressive triage approach. This needs other departments to step up and accept the same work ethic as the A&E i.e. 24/7.
    Not put them on tomorrow’s list, after the surgeon’s had a nice meal and is well rested.
    Instead of one, employ four surgeons and operate a three shift system.
    To achieve an improvement in the above vein (pun intentional)

    1) the Public need to accept there will be major changes and costs attached. And be insistent on vilifying and deselecting any and all politicians not doing their job. (See below)

    2) the Managers need to accept that it’s all front line medicine not just A&E and they are there to satisfy the needs of doctors and nurses in providing that. Not to satisfy the needs of the accountants.

    3) the Junior Doctors and Nurses need to accept that they will need to progress successfully by peer revue/recommendation through several A&E support departments before entering A&E and or specialising.

    4) the Politicians need to accept that their only involvement is to ensure that all the necessary funds are available when needed.
    Not to bitch or try and score political points by highlighting a medical or financial need. Just to make sure the funding is available.

    Rant over
    hope it’s been helpful in jogging the grey matter, and giving you something to consider.


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